Children's autism

If about such a disease, not all psychologists heard twenty years ago, then now this term is heard at everyone. In the countries of the former USSR, only over the past five years has become five times more children suffering from autism. Causes of this set: Environmental imbalance, pregnancy pathology, etc. What to do if you suspect your child autism?

If about such a disease, not all psychologists heard twenty years ago, then now this term is heard at everyone. And this is natural, because over the past twenty years in the United States, for example, the incidence of children's autism increased by 516% (this is not a typo at all!)

In the countries of the former USSR, only over the past five years has become five times more children suffering from autism. Causes of this set: Environmental imbalance, pregnancy pathology, etc. What to do if you suspect your child autism or diagnosed already put?

Suspicious symptoms of infant behavior

Children's autism
If you constantly notice all the symptoms below for your baby (or most of them), contact your child neurologist or psychiatrist. The earlier to start working with kids-autistic, the better results you can achieve. However, readers MyMedinform.COM should understand that if the child only sometimes shows some symptoms from the list, it can only be temporary manifestations or extreme norms. Therefore, you do not need to panic until consultation with a specialist.


  • Around the second month of life, the baby begins to learn close people: turns the head towards a familiar voice, comes to life, Gulit, later - smiles. No such «Complex of revitalization» - alarming symptom. Similarly, when a close man leans towards a child, and the baby does not stretch his handles to meet him, is one reasons for concern;
  • When you take a child in your hands, he can't adapt his body to yours in any way, heavily accepts a comfortable pose;
  • not «clings» A look - not stopped by eyes on someone's face;
  • At all in no way reacts to new people;
  • The kid is very passive, can be long alone, not suffering from it outwardly;
  • Burly reacts to household noises: for example, the sound of the vacuum cleaner is very afraid;
  • The kid does not like bright toys, afraid of water;
  • Child is hard to calm down after stress (for example, after injection);
  • alarming a very long passion of the baby in one action. For example, a child with interest is looking at the drawing on the wall or squeeze paper;
  • Practically does not adult adult to its actions, it reacts violently to his invasion;
  • Some experts note the unusual age «Inquisitive view».

In some cases, autism begins to manifest after three years against the background of the normal development of the child. But more often it happens that parents beat the alarm only after three years, worrying about the lack of speech in a child. How to determine there are causes for anxiety or not?

Signs of child autism in children of younger school age

Children's autism
If the signs of autism are noticeable at your child - immediately refer to the specialist. And do not fall into despair: only an experienced neurologist and a psychiatrist after a long observation will be able to confirm autism.

Signs of autism:

  • The child does not show absolutely no need for contacts with people, does not respond to the name;
  • The kid is insensitive to pain, does not seek sympathy during injury, does not complain about pain;
  • The child does not distinguish live items from non-living: can hit the peer, not understanding that it hurts;
  • Sometimes it seems that the kid is deaf or blind;
  • Burly reacts to any changes in living conditions: new food, new route Walking. Can get into yourself and even hurt. After such stress sleeps very long;
  • It is often fascinated by stereotypical movements: for example, it swings the body with a clock, turns hands with hands;
  • Plays more non-chamber objects: rope, key, etc. At the same time, the actions with the subject are repeated all the time. Tear off the child from them very difficult;
  • child, sick autism, does not stand up «eyes to eyes», often looks like «through» of people;
  • Sometimes the child is overly tied to a close person, for example, to mom. Panitically afraid of parting with her. True, this symptom may not manifest itself;
  • there is no question as a means of communication. Sometimes the child just repeats the phrases and words heard. It happens, tells verses or as it would be chanting proposals. About himself the baby speaks in the second and third person («she», «Anya»);
  • The child never gestures;
  • Intellect is noticeably reduced (not always).

Sometimes parents are satisfied with a visit to a psychologist in kindergarten. Of course, this measure is needed, but insufficient. Psychologist, even very experienced, has no right to diagnose. And to do with a sick child without controlling a doctor, a psychologist can also be impossible. Therefore, a psychologist should send parents to a psychiatrist and a neurologist. They describe in detail the individual program for classes with the baby (if necessary). Only then a psychologist has the right to work with a child in accordance with this program.

What to do parents?

Children's autism
Although autism is considered an incurable disease, in no case do not lower the hands. It is from perseverance and constancy of parents that the fate of the child depends. The forecast of the course of the disease depends on the strength of autistic manifestations, on the start of treatment and from the intensity of working with the child. If you heard the doctor's mouth diagnosis «autism», Understand that life continues for you, and for a child. First, get to know the parents of the same kids. Their communities can be found in any major city or even on the Internet. It will help you stop feeling lonely in your problem and not as all. In such groups, special correction programs are usually held for children with autism. Experienced psychologists and flaccologists will regularly deal with the baby. Also in such groups you can get so necessary parents with emotional support and practical assistance.

It is wrong to think that only experts should be engaged in the child. Working with the child should continue constantly, and not only be limited to scheduled classes. It is useful to readers for peace to know that independent classes with a child of the house should be constantly directed to the correction of autistic manifestations:

  • Constantly talking to the baby, saying every episode of his life: where the crow flies, for which the car is lucky;
  • Books view, too, with comments, do not let the child simply automatically turn the pages;
  • Try to look into the eyes of the child, call it by name until it responds;
  • Play with baby ordinary children's games: «From bumps on a bump», «Hypersca» and etc.;
  • Patiently provoke a child to tell at least a word, without negotiating a sentence with question intonation: «Our pussy loves to eat ... what?»;
  • draw with baby drawings «About me»: how the child helps mom, defeats dragon and t.D.;
  • Teach a child to wait and plan actions for a long time: «We draw a typewriter and give dad in the evening»;
  • Without having no need to change the living conditions of the child, although gradually and delicately enter new toys, new places for visits, new people surrounded.

And most importantly - never despair! Children with diagnosis «autism» can learn in higher educational institutions, create families and work successfully.

Among those who in childhood suffered from autism - Bob Dylan (musician), Woody Allen (the famous actor and director). This diagnosis had Andy Warholl (artist), Courtney Love (singer), Virginia Wulf (writer), Derill Khan (actress) and even Andrew Jackson (Seventh US President)!

Love your child as it is! If this child is granted to you, then the Lord considered you strong enough and wise to grow it! Happiness to you!

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