Melanoma skin. Than dangerous moles?


  • What is Molenia?
  • What symptoms should alert you?
  • Treatment methods

  • What is Molenia?

    Mountain (academic nevus) — This
    Benignant neoplasm. It consists of melanocytes, that is
    cells that synthesize the pigment painting. If melanocytes
    Mutted, the malignant cells are formed. They grow quickly
    in a tumor – melanoma. What danger represents Melanoma?

    She sprouts several layers of skin, exposing it
    Destruction. As a result, the tumor on lymphatic and blood
    Vessels penetrate into the lungs, liver, brain and other organs.
    Violation of such important internal organs leads to death

    Melanoma is not so rare. At the beginning
    Our century per 100,000 people registered 14 cases of disease
    This dangerous disease. Unfortunately, the trend is noted not only
    increasing morbidity. Among the victims of thisMelanoma skin. What are dangerous moles?Levany more and more and
    More children and youth.

    The risk factors contributing to the polling of the mole in Melanoma include:

    • Genetic predisposition.
    • Endocrine violations.
    • Hormonal
      Changes in the body. So, with sex maturation, pregnancy and
      After childbirth, a large number of new moles appear.
    • Excessive stay in the sun.
      Moreover, dangers are subject to late-skinned and dark-skinned people. Not
      Forget to use sunscreen with the desired degree of protection,
      Applying to moles a thick layer. Avoid all ways
      burning in the sun – it is very dangerous.
    • Injury
      moles. If this happened, you need to urgently consult a doctor so that
      Removed it. In no case cannot be caught up with a greenflaw or

    What symptoms should alert you?

    • Intensive growth of the mole;
    • Changes in the size and shape of the mole;
    • Itching and painful sensations;
    • Peeling, wrinkling;
    • Hair loss from the mole;
    • Bleeding;
    • Changing the color of the mole (uneven color).

    In all these cases, immediately contact the doctor.

    Very dangerous belief: «If the mole began to reborn in melanoma,
    then the process is no longer stopped». Therefore, a person begins to resort to
    «Ostrich politics», Reliating negative thoughts. And meanwhile,
    As with every cancerous disease, time is very important. Do not forget O
    the process of turning the usual mole in malignant education lasts for quite a long time. And the life of the patient can be saved even on the penultimate stage.

    Research methods used in suspected melanoma:

    • Examination of the skin;
    • Feeling of lymph nodes;
    • Taking a grip-imprint from the place of the tumor;
    • Ultrasound examination of increased lymph nodes and liver;
    • If necessary – Light radiography.

    Treatment methods

    Depend on the severity of the disease, that is, from the depth of tumor germination.

    In the I and II stages, the forecast is favorable. After
    Tumor removal 93 percent of patients live more than 10 years. At the third
    Stages This indicator, unfortunately, falls up to 40 percent. In this
    Stages in the event that metastases occur, the operation is carried out
    removing tumor and affected lymph nodes. After that shown
    Chemotherapy and immunotherapy. At the fourth stage of melanoma
    Limited chemotherapy. Operation is meaningless, and 10-year-old
    Patient survival is almost equal to zero.

    This once again shows how important it is to turn to the doctor with the slightest suspicion of the rebirth of the mole.

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