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  • As Nelson Mandela, AIDS in Africa, noticed
    disease, and a real humanitarian catastrophe. Deadly virus is carrying out
    more human lives than drought, floods, war, hunger and
    Different other epidemics. Every year all new and new
    AIDS Eradication Strategies in African countries, but no
    Initiatives do not yet help, and the invested resources do not bring
    Expected results. Still would! Good half of the African population
    lives beyond the poverty line, they don't have something to condoms -
    no money left. Desperate, the World Health Organization has become
    calculate all the factors affecting the reduction of the incidence of AIDS, and
    Good luck smiled at experts.


    How does male circumcision affect the incidence of AIDS
    circumcision is made to look for in the rites of initiation practicing in
    Primitive societies. An ancient man was supposed to be strong and
    hardy, real minider in the family, so future breadwinners and
    Defenders checked «For strength» The most barbaric techniques: beat
    sticks, branded fire, pulled out or spilled teeth, made deep
    Cuts on the skin and t.D. Some nations practiced
    circumcision. It so happened that the excision of the extreme flesh was firmly included in
    Jewish and Islamic life. Modern scientists interested in ancient
    rite - does not bear a secret medical meaning?

    Circums claim that without an extreme flesh live significantly easier.
    Indeed, the head and extreme flesh are developing from one fabric, and
    After the birth of the child and remain in the surrounding state. The doctors
    call it physiological phimosis. Subsequently, extreme flesh
    separated from the head, but if your kid has been 6 years old, and this
    did not happen, it's time for a doctor. For then it is phimos scar and requires
    Surgical intervention - circumcision. Otherwise, the boy faces
    infringement of the head, urethritis or even pyelonephritis.

    From others
    Positive aspects of circumcision refer to improving sex hygiene
    Member and Reducing Risk of Development of Cancer. Cropped men do not risk
    Get acquainted with Balanit and Balantom - inflammation of extreme flesh
    and heads. Penis carcinoma grows from a flat-mellular head epithelium
    penis and extreme flesh and almost excluded when circumcised.

    flesh is dangerous and for women - it is proved that the stagnant Schegma with
    Finding during the sex act on the cervix contributes to the development
    on her tumor process. Another argument in favor of circumcision -
    Out of non-hidden head, reduced sensitivity and extension
    intercourse. The same degradation, according to most scientists,
    leads to a decrease in the likelihood of infection of HIV during sexual act.

    Circumcision against AIDS

    WHO WHO Anti-AIDS Programs does not hide their joy: «This is
    An important step towards combating HIV infection». And immediately adds: «Country C
    Heterosexual means of spreading HIV received additional
    Means in AIDS Prevention Arsenal». However, sources
    distribution and even the discovery of AIDS stood another group of risk -
    Homosexuals. Some scientists generally believe that there is still
    Men's same-sex Love, AIDS inexresht. But just data about
    Crucification efficiency as HIV prevention
    Homosexual WHO experts, unfortunately, do not have.
    But it is said that the excision of the extreme flesh reduces the likelihood of infection
    other sexually transmitted diseases. Like head
    Grubets, and the horn layer of the epidermis better protects from microtrav,
    which are inevitable during intercourse. But judge for yourself: on the turn
    Crackers always appear hands, the same happens with the head
    Penis, only less noticeable. Microscopic cracks occur -
    Direct entrance doors for any infection. In a word, from a scientific point
    vision The role of circumcision in infection AIDS is very doubtful.

    business - price question. Condoms need to buy constantly, for
    Reusable «Product number 2» not yet invented. With hygiene in Africa tight
    - 45% of the continent's population do not have access to clean water. And circumcision
    promoted not from a good life. Once approved WHO, it means to do
    it will be free, and if there is a meager probability to slow down
    Spread «plague of the XX century» In this way, you need to try. Together with
    And WHO, and the UN HIV / AIDS program, UNAIDS warn:
    circumcision in no case replaces traditional ways to combat
    AIDS. No need to start a sex life too early, it is necessary to lead it
    orderly, use condoms, periodically make analyzes
    on HIV, use only disposable medical instruments and
    offer affordable antiretroviral therapy. Since circumcision ne
    Provides full protection against HIV / AIDS, this measure should not create
    local population of false sense of security. But, it seems, it is
    It will become the most popular due to the speed of holding and cheap.

    Pros and cons

    We reviewed all the pros and cons of circumcision. On the one hand, it
    Removes a number of problems, but problems, we note related to hygiene. After
    Cutting the need for thorough care for male dignity
    It disappears. Of course, it is relevant for Africa, but we,
    Russians, why expose yourself painful and psychotrauming
    Procedure? Water in the crane is, interruptions in the supply of soap in economic
    Shops Not noted, for indifference for sale books
    Hygiene. With infections the question, as we found out, slippery, with
    homosexuality too. In a collumn «per» Only statistical remains
    data. However, we do not know how people live in the deserts, do not know them
    habits and details of life. Maybe it is the circumcision and helps them. Yes
    And in general, you never know what in Africa practitioners… Nature wise, she is not
    leaves nothing longer. If a protective piece of flesh was suddenly
    unnecessary and not adapted, evolution in a matter of centuries
    would not leave him and the trace. And she is not worth helping, especially since
    Surgeon's knife - not the best accompaniment.

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