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  • Cruciation rite
  • Arguments for
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  • Cruciation rite

    This custom arose in primitive society, when the transition
    young men in the group of adult men were accompanied by the rite of initiation, or
    Dedications. During the period of dedication, young people not only transferred legends and
    Honest knowledge of the tribe, but also subjected to their physical trials,
    among which the circumcision was probably not the most painful. Few
    that young men could make hunger, they did various cuts
    skin, knocked out or drank teeth... From individual tribes for it
    Execution used the most barbaric tools, such as claws
    wild animals. And that the initiation is remembered for life, wound after
    Operations sprinkled with salt and pepper, to top up the rite newly dedicated
    The man had to eat his own extreme flesh. Truly, forget
    Such is hard.

    The circumcision rite has been preserved in some peoples of Australia, Oceania,
    Africa still. But the greatest distribution in the modern world
    Circuit received in religious rites of Judaism (performed above
    babies) and Islam (performed over the boys 7-10 years).

    Over time, circumcision began to do not only on religious
    considerations. It is estimated today about one sixth part of the male
    Planet population undergoing circumcision. Until recently this
    The operation was popular with the absolute majority of Americans,
    considered it necessary hygienic and preventive measure.

    There is a whole set of arguments that usually lead, proving the use of circumcision. The most characteristic of these are the following.

    Arguments for

    There is an opinion that the sensitivity is reduced after circumcision
    Heads of the penis, which leads to the elongation of sexual act, and
    it means that the man who has undergone this operation seems to be able
    deliver partner more fun. Special studies of this
    the issue of American sexologists allowed to establish that
    The sensitivity of the penis as a result of circumcision is practically not

    For and against circumcision
    In men who have undergone this operation, cancer almost does not occur
    penis, and their partners are less likely to fall into uterine cancer
    (confirmed by statistical data). Widden point of view,
    What provokes the development of sink diseases of Schegma - Lubrication,
    accumulating between the extreme flesh and the head of the penis. but
    Recent studies allowed to establish that clean Schegma
    Absolutely not carcinogenna. Push to the occurrence of the tumor can
    Only dirty or infected lubricant formed during non-compliance
    Elementary Personal Hygiene Rules.

    Some scientists lead data in accordance with which gonorrhea
    and herpes are found in men with uncircumcised extreme flesh twice
    More often, and fungal diseases and syphilis - almost five times. Such
    Statistics can be explained by the fact that the pathogens of these diseases
    find a favorable environment in the folds of the extreme flesh, as well as all those
    same disregard for the rules of hygiene and prevention that
    acquire a special meaning in the absence of a permanent partner.

    Finally, some men and their partners find the penis
    With the uncircumcised extreme flesh, simply nonesthetically - a question of addictions
    and taste. Many popular foreign publications conducted surveys among
    women on this topic. The results of these polls differ polar that
    Once again confirms the loyalty of Shakespeare's statement: impermanence - the name you, a woman.

    It turns out that most of the essential arguments of supporters
    Circums can reasonably support people who live in months in
    extreme conditions without water and soap or categorically do not like,
    Sorry, wash.

    Arguments against

    Here are some of their arguments.

    The presence of an extreme flesh makes the surface of the head of the penis
    wet, appropriate moisture of a woman's vagina, which is physiologically.
    Circums are deprived of such a natural advantage and often
    must apply special lubricants.

    Medical practice shows that infectious diseases
    In the first years of life, the sexual body is striking in the first years of life five times
    which is extreme flesh cut off. This is explained by the fact that Smegma
    Contains lysozyme that reduces the risk of urethra infection

    The baby does not ask, make it an operation or not. For him
    Always decide adults. But any surgical operation is injury,
    Psychological consequences of which can persist all their life.
    Americans, carefully, even reverently related to their
    Mental health, unite in the associates of opponents
    Under the slogan: circumcision - injury and violence against the identity of the baby. BUT
    Surgeons are quite successfully developing techniques allowing to pull out
    Sex member skin to form a new extreme flesh.

    Cropped extreme flesh depletes sexual sensations, consider
    many, and this point of view quite has the right to exist. In
    the friction time of the extreme flesh shifts that, of course, makes feelings
    richer in the most natural way without applying any
    Fixtures from the Intimate Accessory Store.

    There is no doubt that circumcision sometimes becomes necessary to therapeutic
    measure - with frequent inflammatory diseases of extreme flesh,
    Phymsove and parafozness. However, as a preventive operation it
    It is hardly justified. Although even recently, as a measure of the prevention of angina
    practiced the magnitude removal of almonds, and in order to avoid possible
    Apandicitis - Cutting Appendix.

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