Redness of the head of the penis - what reasons and what to do?


Redness of the head of the penis — Lead Symptom Balanita,
inflammatory disease affecting the skin of the top of the penis. Balanitu usually
accompanies will post — Inflammation of an internal leaflet of extreme flesh
Skin bag, which, with a calm condition of the penis surrounds it
Head Outside.

As it happens?

Redness of the head of the penis & mdash; What are the reasons and what to do?
Balanit is accompanied by a number of symptoms, and redness
Heads of the penis is a small part of the clinical picture of the disease.
Inflammation leads to the swelling of the skin, the appearance on its surface of various
Pain, «pimples», bubbles, ulcers and cracks. All this is complemented by sensations
itching, burning, which are sharply enhanced when urine hit on the affected

Simple balanitis is characterized by redness of the head
penis or appearance on its surface of various sized reddish
spots, easy dryness and peeling of the skin, accompanied by a nexic itch.

«Senile» Balanit is often found in older men,
Presumably he is associated with a lack of testosterone in the body and thinning
The skin of the penis, as a result of which it is easily injured and settled
pathogenic microbes.

Xerotic abterimental babnitis, or corrosion of penis,
manifests itself rather not to redide the head of the penis, and the appearance of it
The surfaces of whitish with a pearl tint of stains representing themselves
Ground connective tissue. Distribution of the process on the extreme flesh
leads to its narrowing and development of phimosis.

With a ulcerative battle on red-free left head
Member appear Moicing bright red sharply painful erosion and ulcers,
serious inconvenience to the patient.

Causes of Balanita

Head of the penis by virtue of anatomical features
The structures of the genitals of the man most of the time are forced to be in
Wet conditions predispose to the reproduction of various microorganisms,
which cause inflammation.

The development of Balnite in boys contributes to physiological
phimosis that prevents the nude of the penis head. Skoping of Smegma B
The pre-school bag, its settlement and decomposition of microbes leads to babanitis and badplates, the main way of treatment of which is considered to be
Hygienic care and outpatient cutting of extreme flesh.

In adult men, the cause of balanitis can be:

  • Mechanical skin irritation of sex head
    Member when wearing cramped linen or during sexual intercourse
    Personal lubricants.
  • Genital hygiene defects, including as
    rare and too frequent hygienic procedures, especially using
    ordinary soap and other aggressive detergents.
  • Infections of genital organs caused by bacteria,
    viruses, fungi and simple organisms.
  • Candidiasis of intestine.
  • Allergy to Latex condoms, on the fragrance and
    other components of lubricants, on vaginal contraceptive means
    Metal from which the decorations for intimate parts of the body are manufactured.
  • Allergic total type reactions, including
    Allergies for medicines, food, dust, pollen of plants and other
  • Dermatological diseases, such as psoriasis,
    neurodermatitis, red flat deprived.
  • Sugar diabetes, leading to elevated
    The fragility of vessels, injury to the skin and mucous membranes and violation of local mechanisms
    protection against infection.

What to do when redoing the head of the penis?

Redness of the head of the penis & mdash; What are the reasons and what to do?
Do not run to the doctor if inflammation proceeds in light
form and caused by violation of intimate hygiene rules. Skin care, careful and
its regular cleansing using soft tools for intimate hygiene and
weak solutions of antiseptics, for example «Miramistina» or chlorhexidine,
able to eliminate the problem within 1-2 days.

If the reasons for inflammation go beyond hygiene if
Redness of the penis head is accompanied by strong tissue edema, itching
and pain, discharge from the urethra, if not managed to cope with
the situation, with a visit to the urologist, it is better not to delay. Balanit may be the first
manifestation of urinary tract infection capable of leading urethritis,
Prostatitis, epididiment and orchitis.

Treatment of Balanita

The treatment of balanitis depends on the reasons that caused the disease and

  • Sexual rest, that is, a failure of sexual proximity
    For a while of treatment.
  • Careful genital hygiene with
    using simple warm water, weak disinfecting solutions and soft
  • Use of antibacterial drugs in
    the form of creams, ointments, aerosols, taking into account sensitivity to them microbes that caused
  • The use of antifungal drugs when
    fungal lesions of the skin.
  • The use of antiviral drugs when
    Viral genital infection.
  • To reduce inflammation, allergic
    Manifestations, elimination of itching and burning shorts prescribe short hormone courses
    Preparations in the form of ointments and creams.
  • Treatment of sexual partner in case of infection,
    transmitting sexual path.
  • With recurrent balanits and irreversible
    Changes to extreme flesh shows circumcision.

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