Removal of extreme flesh


  • What is circumcision
  • Who makes circumcision

  • What is circumcision

    Extreme flesh performs about the same role for sex head
    Member as eyelid for the eye (albeit to a lesser extent necessary),
    Protects the head from mechanical damage and supercooling.

    The leather of extreme flesh can be used with increasing sex
    member during erection. Extreme flesh closes outdoor
    Ureyeing channel from external influences. In the skin of an extreme flesh
    Many sensitive receptors, their irritation during sexual intercourse
    enhances the excitement and sensation; Because of this, a uncircumcised person
    duration of sexual intercourse than in the absence of extreme
    Damage removed during circumcision. It is explained by the fact that the head
    penis much less sensitive than extreme flesh (like none

    Negative moments created by the presence of extreme flesh. Everything
    Medical and non-medical testimony to Circumcision are related to
    Development of Smerage - Lubrication of the mucous membrane of the extreme flesh and the skin of the head.
    It is believed that Smegma slightly facilitates sexual act, but, on the other
    Parties, like any biological environment, is very good
    «Most» for the development of microorganisms and accumulation of viruses.

    In addition, Smegma, again, with absolute sexual abstinence in
    For some time, begins to decompose, and as a result of
    residue residues produced toxic substances that can be
    Carcinogenic. This process is most often launched by bacteria.

    All this requires frequent «Toilet» Extremely flesh - Washing Smerage
    1-2 times a day, and flushing with clean water in sterile conditions,
    for otherwise there is a risk of enhancing infection.

    Who makes circumcision

    Northern Peoples, Circumcia is practically practiced, and
    southern - widespread. This can be explained by the fact that hygiene
    extreme flesh needed in a hot anhydrous climate, where processes
    reproduction of bacteria and decomposition of SMEGS are very fast compared
    With cold north.

    Removal of extreme flesh
    From very old time, circumcision makes Jews.
    Removal of the extreme flesh practiced Arabs for another seven centuries before adoption
    Muslim; This operation is rather a sign of belonging to
    Arab people than to Muslim, there are no immediate
    prescriptions to make a circumcision, but almost all Muslims make circumcision.

    Circumcision is distributed in Australian aborigines,
    Some tribes of Africa. And, if you look deep into the centuries, then judging by
    Fashionable drawings, Circumcia was made about 15,000 years ago, in
    Epoch Paleolita. In the hot and anhydrous climate of these geographical
    the harm to this operation was less than the benefits of it, and
    It was verified by a long practice.

    In Europe, for comparison, Circumcisia is undergoing less than 10% of male babies. Truth,
    Circumcizia make not only to relieve hygiene; absence
    extreme flesh increases the duration of sexual intercourse and prevents
    premature ejaculation. Many modern ladies are not at all
    Satisfied, say, a decade-minute sexual act.

    Some psychologists even argue that in this case they are not
    Have time to understand what happened to them. But this is perhaps more
    refers to modern «Indications» to Circumcision - achievements
    more comfort with sexual life due to sexual lengthening, and
    should be considered by both spouses as a way of regulation
    Family sexual problems. It is clear that neither of hygiene or about
    medical testimony here is not coming.

    There are also medical reasons for which this operation needs to be done:

    • pathological phimosis (or the complete inability to open the head of the penis);
    • constantly repeating inflammation of the penis head;
    • urination disorders due to pronounced phimosis;
    • paraphomosis (pinching the penis head too narrow ring
      extreme flesh, which can lead to necrosis (death) of the site or
      the entire head of the penis).

    In addition, for example, it is believed that Circumcia reduces the risk
    development of urinary infections (pyelonephritis, cystitis in children), and
    Adults decreases the risk of infections transmitted by sex
    Path (syphilis, genital herpes, Pointed Condylomas,
    HIV infection). True, in the case of HIV infection, the risk is only a few
    decreases, but does not disappear at all.

    Transfer of human papilloma viruses after Circumcision too
    meets less often and this leads to the fact that cervical cancer caused
    these viruses, Muslim and Judeeks, whose husbands do not have extreme
    flesh, meets much less often than the rest of the women. Counts
    Also, that Circumcia held in the early years of the boy's life,
    Fully prevents penis cancer in adulthood. It is forbidden,
    However, call all listed advantages and disadvantages,
    Created by the presence of extreme flesh, absolute.

    For example, millions of uncut men live and never know
    pyelonephritis, nor cystitis, and their wives never sick neck cancer
    Matties. At the same time, Circumcia is 100% not protected from these
    Craphed men and their wives.

    In general, about 18% of children aged from birth to 8 years old need
    Circumcisia according to true medical indications. Therefore, some doctors
    countries organize recommendatory campaigns for operations
    Circums from extreme flesh children with hygienic purposes.

    The history of the US climbing in the US began in
    late XIX century, when Millionaire John Harvey Kellog began to recommend
    Circumcizia to combat «Demon Masturbation».

    Little clear how it can «force» Teen stops
    Do onanism. Incomprehensible and how circumcision in itself
    «Razbat» from masturbation. Therefore, the campaign started by Kellog exhaled, but
    The magnitude circumcision was beneficial for doctors who did not want to lose
    Part of your earnings.

    In general, there is no uniform opinion about the benefits and the dangers of this operation, and,
    probably can not be, so we must take into account «Specific case» and
    wishes of parents, and then the person himself.

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