Male impotence with the eyes of a woman


  • View of a woman on male problems
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    View of a woman on male problems

    If you believe television
    advertising, everything is very simple: problems with erection? Drank a tablet - and no problem!
    The next frame is a happy female face on a strong male shoulder. Happy end.
    The end of the film. Naturally, in real life all
    not so cloudless. In advertising will never show that painful
    disappointment and stress that is experiencing a woman if an erectile partner has
    Dysfunction (T.E. impotence).

    Women often hide their
    True feelings and are hard to experience unpleasant situations, although they do not show
    of this - they or blame themselves, suspecting the cause of sexual disorders in
    his behavior, or believe that they lost their eyes in the eyes
    Partner. «It's my fault!» - Here is the first idea that swears in the excited
    the consciousness of a woman when her partner cannot reach erection. Meanwhile, it
    The assumption has nothing to do with the truth!

    Male impotence with the eyes of a woman
    The term erectile dysfunction in
    medicine is used to designate the inability to reach erection or
    Save this condition throughout sexual intercourse. Almost all men
    Sooner or later, at least once in life faced with a similar problem. Erectile
    Dysfunction may be a consequence of stress, depression, and sometimes it can be
    at all wildlife. Some men have problems with erection become
    permanent. In this case, the impotence is diagnosed.

    Although many women - like
    Men - still consider impotence exclusively a sexual problem, in
    reality the most common causes of this phenomenon -
    undetected physical diseases, in particular, diabetes, elevated level
    cholesterol or even early stage of heart disease. Often impotence
    is a consequence or by the side effect of the reception of certain medicinal
    preparations that are used in the treatment of listed diseases in
    particular, some drugs from hypertension.

    Unfortunately, the ignorance of
    real causes of male impotence often makes women feel
    blameed, and also causes confusion, panic, and sometimes even irritation and anger.

    As a rule, faced with
    Male impotence, women feel humiliated and offended and asked
    Partner Many questions. So, a woman can suspect that
    the lover appeared a mistress, or that he lost her sexy
    interest, and only worsens the already unenviable position of a man
    offensive hints. In this situation, a man often interprets her
    Questions - and an offensive tone that they are asked - as an attack and
    involuntarily removes.

    Ultimately it
    The misunderstanding can grow into a real conflict, and the couple will stop
    Full Communication - and not only in bed. Naturally, it is unlikely to help
    Solve the problem of impotence and can lead to a crisis of relations.

    The only thing that never
    Must make a woman in such delicate circumstances, - get together and do
    The view seems to have nothing. Making problems - the right way to destroy
    relationship. The removal of one partner invokes the alienation of another, which may
    lead to disastrous consequences - first the pair stops talking about
    sex, then stops talking at all and imperceptibly it turns out in
    trap your own caution or delicacy.

    If the removal and silence -
    Tactics Nikudushna, then excessive perseverance is unlikely to give the desired
    result. No need to fall in extremes. While many women run with
    sinking ship, others take the opposite tactics and try to take
    storm in his hands. They are confident that everything can be fixed, you should attach them
    a little more effort to excite partner. This tactic is not only
    ineffective, but also harmful because it may worsen.

    Woman help to help a man

    So what to do a woman if a man
    can not meet its expectations? According to experts, the most important -
    remember that men's impotence is in no way connected with a woman. And in no case
    should not be taken male «puncture» To your account!

    Do not feel rejected and devoted.
    The point here is absolutely not in you. Overcoming this psychological barrier, admit
    the existence of the problem and openly discuss it with a partner.

    Male impotence with the eyes of a woman
    «Best discuss
    Sexual problems outside the bedroom - not immediately after an unsuccessful attempt
    rapprochement, and a few days or even weeks later», - Advises doctor medicine
    Jennifer Downey,
    Psychiatrist of the New York State Institute of Psychiatry (New York State Psychiatric Institute) and teacher
    Columbia University (Columbia University).
    Downey also
    recommends women to talk with a partner about possible diseases that
    can cause impotence, and unobtrusively suggest to contact him

    According to Downey, the more serious the woman will fit
    this conversation, the more chance of having to influence the man and get it
    the trust.

    «The problem of impotence should
    worn as any other problem in relationships.E. calm and frankly
    Discuss it», - considers downey.

    Depending on the cause of the male
    impotence, treatment can be fast (for example, taking Viagra) or long
    (for example, the treatment of hypertension). It is possible that a lot of time will have to
    spend only to convince a man to consult a doctor.

    The main thing is in no case
    say a man that his impotence for you does not matter and you «his
    Love and that».

    Instead, experts recommend
    used the opportunity to be used for sexual experiments and
    searching for proceedings, even if the erection is not possible.

    Many women are accustomed to,
    that the initiator of sexual proximity is a man. Perhaps it is time
    Change roles?

    So, in no case
    Stop emotional communication with a partner, even if you have to
    Stop sexual relations. And most importantly - listen to your voice

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