What is circumcision


  • Why do circumcision make?
  • How to operate?
  • After operation
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  • Why do circumcision make?

    Circumcision, or, according to scientific, Circumcision, is the removal of extreme flesh, surgically. Circumcizia is carried out according to religious beliefs, following cultural traditions, for considerations of hygiene, and finally - for medical reasons.

    Traditions have a huge impact on us - how can be bad what was good for ancestors? This argument is often leading for many families when they decide to circumcise the newborn sicks. However, they forget that in the past take care of the purity of the penis, it was more difficult, and then the circumcision was the easiest way to maintain a member head clean.

    Many men agree to Circumcisia in adulthood. Often this is due to the requirements of the partner, which does not suit the type of wrinkled skin, which is closed by a penis head. Other women have concerns associated with the accumulation of dirt and the development of infections under extreme flesh. Although in most cases men go to circumcision on these two reasons at the same time.

    In medical testimony, circumcision makes in case of an instigation of the extreme flesh with a member head. This pathology is called Phoz. Little boys in the phimosis of the extreme flesh hangs from the penis head as a trot. It is difficult for a child to urinate, you have to sleep. Phoz can self-defense, but for successful getting rid of the fimosis, the boy needs to move the extreme flesh every day and carry out the hygiene of the penis.

    How to operate?

    What is circumcision Circumcia can be performed both with anesthesia, and without it. Babies, who are less than two months, circumcision make without anesthesia. Boys up to 14 years old operation is performed under general anesthesia, and adults - under local anesthesia. Local anesthesia is carried out as follows: the penis is treated with a disinfecting solution, a thin rubber harness is superimposed on the base of the penis, and an anesthetic injection (lidocaine, kilifesin, ultrakin) is injected into the penis. Actually, an anesthetic injection is the only painful moment, then the penis loses sensitivity under the action of medication and the doctor starts up.

    Extreme flesh is delayed and fixed by clamps. Then the extreme flesh is cut and removed in a circle, the cut on the skin is sewn. Seams need to be removed in 8-10 days, and before that carefully care for them and make daily dressings. All operation takes no more than 15 minutes, after which the patient can immediately go home.

    There is another way to remove extreme flesh: after processing and anesthesia, the extreme flesh is delayed and cut off with the device, go to the guillotine, then apply the seams. Occasionally after the operation, inflammation of the seams happens - this is due to the fact that the urine inevitably falls on the seam, a small amount of blood from the seam itself is enough for the development of infection. Infection is treated with antibiotics and careful compliance with seam hygiene.

    After operation

    If Circumcizia made an adult man, it may have a little unpleasant consequences. The fact is that the sensitive head of the penis, which has always been hidden by extreme flesh, suddenly turns out to be naked. Erection will arise from friction about underwear - just like that, without any stimulation. Agree, it is somewhat uncomfortable - incessant erection for a week or two... But then the head of the member adapts to new conditions, and the penis returns to a calm condition.

    «Per» Operation

    Circuit helps to maintain the purity of the penis. Smegma constantly accumulates under extreme flesh, and this creates a favorable environment for the development of bacteria. It is noticed that the uncut men are more often infected with gonorrhea and syphilis. However, doctors argue that this is not connected with the presence of an extreme flesh, but with neglect of personal hygiene - tell me, cute men, many of you run to the shower immediately after sexual intercourse? I am sure that not all...

    In the elderly, circumcision may be necessary in the case when the extreme flesh has not been moved away from the head for a long time and gradually grows to her. In this case, circumcision makes it easier to urinate and care for sexual member.

    After circumcision, the head of the penis becomes less sensitive. On the one hand, a man gets the opportunity to have sex for a longer - due to the reduced sensitivity of the head, the excitement increases slower. On the other hand, most of the cropped men cease to enjoy sex in a condom. You have to look for another way of contraception.

    Summing up, emphasize that the most powerful argument «per» Circumcision is the hygiene of the head of the penis. Well, as an addition - some women (and the men themselves) consider the open head of the penis more attractive.

    «Against» Operations

    Now let's see on the other hand - why delete what is granted to us from birth (with the exception of the pathologies of the foreskin)? The head of the penis is equipped with a huge number of nerve endings that give a man the greatest pleasure - after circumcision of the skin head deprives coatings and lubricants, it becomes dry. Plus strong friction about underwear cause not the most pleasant sensations. The risk of infection after the operation of Circumcisia is not great, but still it is, and therefore each man must solve himself, it needs to do circumcision or not. Much depends on how qualified by a surgeon conducted by Circumcizia, because a penis is a very vulnerable place, it is easy to cripple.

    In other words, a man who has no defects for the development of an extreme flesh, which is watching the purity of his body and lives a regular sexual life to do not need to do. Is that he wishes to make this operation himself.

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