Mastopatia. Forewarned is forearmed


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  • Forewarned is forearmed

  • What it is?

    Mastopatia. Forewarned is forearmed
    Breast - breast disease on the background of hormonal failure. Chest pain, the various seals - over 80% of women are familiar with these symptoms.

    Often breast pain appearjust before menstruation and tested with their offensive. It is also a sign of mastitis, but many women live with it for many years without going to the doctor, which increases the risk of developing breast cancer. Timely appeal to the specialist-mammologist will not miss the moment when breast begin to grow in size.


    There are two types of mastitis - diffuse andnode. In diffuse in the breast appears a large number of small entities, with the node - only one node. In the first case, a therapeutic treatment, and a second longer requires a serious intervention and removal of the node.

    The causes of this disease is greatset and is not always possible to identify them. Besides hormonal failure, there are several factors that affect the appearance of the disease. The first and probably most important of them - it's hereditary. If you have relatives on the maternal line met benign and malignant tumors, very high risk of their occurrence in women of future generations.

    Irregular sex - as a possible cause of mastitis, as this is what leads to hormonal disturbances.

    Terminate a pregnancy can also cause breast disease, and women often have an abortion, the risk increases several times.

    Some of your ailments can also causedevelopment of mastitis, these include thyroid disease, diabetes, obesity, liver disease, inflammation of the uterus and even the usual stress. Do not lose sight of the different (even the smallest) breast trauma.

    Another factor that increases the risk of developing mastitis: a bad environment and bad habits such as alcoholism and smoking.

    Forewarned is forearmed

    At the time of the initial development of the disease can in any waydo not bother you and do not manifest themselves, so the preventive aspect is very important. In order not to miss a moment of the development of mastitis - regularly inspect the chest and visiting professionals annually, mammography and breast ultrasound.

    It is mandatory to refer tospecialist-mammologist if discovered at symptoms such as seals, the effect of "lemon peel" on the chest, swollen lymph nodes in the armpit area, nipple discharge, or change their shape. To prevent the development of mastitis pay again attention to its causes. Try as much as possible to protect your body from the effects of these factors.

    In your power to properly usecontraceptives, that there was no need to resort to abortion, to maintain a regular sex life, quit smoking and alcohol abuse. If you have the disease, leading to mastitis, surveyed doctors and cure.

    If you plan to be a mother, and this isexcellent prevention of mastitis, be sure to breastfeed the baby. It is important to know that a certain risk to get there like no giving birth, and have given birth in women later in life, not in a nursing or lactating women short time. If you will comply with all the recommendations - this disease is not afraid of you!

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