Diagnosis of mastopathy


  • Survey at the doctor
  • Other examination methods
  • Treatment

  • Diagnosis of mastopathy

    Survey at the doctor

    The first thing that starts the examination in the doctor's office, — This is the collection
    Anamnesis (patient survey). In conversation, the specialist will find out the age, time
    The beginning of the monthly, the duration of the menstrual cycle, the presence
    disorders of the menstrual cycle (soreness, scant monthly and t.

    Is there any pain in the breast,
    The presence of diseases of the genital organs, including venereal, were
    whether transferred surgical operations, whether children have how many of them and in
    What age was childbirth, whether artificial or spontaneous
    abortion, if so, how much and at what age,
    the presence of close relatives (mother, sister) suffering
    oncological diseases, the presence of chronic diseases and t. D.

    On any question, the doctor must be answered honestly, you should not hide any
    information or shy to talk about their symptoms.

    Stage are inspection and palpation of the mammary glands. Palpation — This
    feeling, which is carried out with the help of fingers on 5–7th day with
    The beginning of the menstruation. This method provides information on the status of the fabric of dairy

    Step No. 1. initially
    The doctor carefully examines both glands in several positions (standing,
    standing with arms raised, lying and sitting). It pays special attention here
    condition of the skin glands, symmetry their location, form,
    size and state of the nipple and the near-block mug. Change even
    One of these signs is taken into account when setting the preliminary
    Diagnosis. For example, a change in skin color is a sign
    inflammatory processes (mastitis) or tumor growth.

    Step number 2. Doctor
    Begins to prove the chest, nipples, lymph nodes. This is a mandatory
    Procedure, so do not confuse. There is nothing humiliating.
    The doctor should know everything, only in this case he can help.

    After collecting the data of the history and palpation, transfers to the instrumental methods of the study.

    Be sure to direct on:

    • mammography;
    • ultrasound procedure;
    • pneumocystography;
    • screening;
    • determination of hormonal status;
    • dotography;
    • thermography;
    • puncture biopsy;
    • Radioisotope scanning.

    The diagnostic method is determined by the type and stage of the disease.

    is the leading method of diagnosing diseases of the mammary glands,
    From Him and Begins Survey. Mammography is done in the first
    The menstrual cycle phase using a special apparatus.
    X-rays pass through the dairy gland so that
    It turned out a picture.

    Positive is Ton
    the fact that the dose of irradiation is Mala. The sensitivity of the method is very high and
    Reaching 86–90%. Before the procedure can not be used by deodorants and
    antiperspirants because it can cause incorrect
    Result. In order to obtain pictures, breasts squeeze. Very important,
    so that there is no pain in the gland. Each breast is removed
    2 times.

    With the help of X-ray mammography, it became possible to promptly recognize pathological changes in the chest.
    That is why every woman even in the absence of complaints of 35 years
    Be sure to go through such a survey. After 40 years mammography
    Make 1 time in 2 years, and after 50 — Every year. It helps to identify
    The disease in the early stages.

    As a rule, the mammography is carried out simultaneously with the ultrasound, since these two methods complement each other.

    Other examination methods

    Ultrasound procedure.
    Currently, ultrasound is widely used in medical practice, it
    A fairly effective technique. Data obtained using
    Ultrasonic diagnostics, complement and clarify the overall picture
    Diseases. Through the gland passes ultrasonic waves, and their
    The reflection is depicted on a special screen on which you can see
    FallenDiagnosis of mastopathyliquid filled with liquid. According to the results of the ultrasound
    Determine the type of mastopathy (node ​​or diffuse).

    Currently, this method is not as widely used because it
    does not allow to see a complete picture of the disease, unlike ultrasound and
    Mammography. It is based on measuring skin temperature in various
    plots of gland.

    It is believed that in the place where
    Leather is more hot, there is inflammation. Because of the small volume of information in
    current thermography is applied much less frequently, mainly
    as an additional diagnostic method.

    Puncture biopsy. With this method, you can define a fabric that has been subjected to change, as well as determine the nature of growth (malignant
    or benign). However, it is used quite rarely,
    since it is very complicated and performed only in laboratories. Puncture
    biopsy — this is a puncture of the gland tumor with a special needle using
    which can be taken a sample fabric for research under a microscope.

    This is a research method with which you can see the ducts
    Milk iron. For this purpose, a contrast agent is introduced into them, not
    transmitting X-rays and then make a mammogram.
    Dactography applies often, as it allows you to determine the condition
    All dokuks.

    Applies only when cysts are detected. During examination cyst
    Pierce and remove content from it, and then introduced
    X-ray contrast. This method allows you to determine
    Mammogram Sizes of cysts, its shape and location.

    Definition of hormonal status.
    To determine the level of hormones in the body for research take
    blood analysis. Be sure to establish the content of estrogen,
    progesterone and prolactin, which are product activities
    ovarian and pituitary gland.

    Treatment of mastopathy

    The science
    Do not stand still, new drugs are produced annually,
    both hormonal and non-immune, which are more efficient
    help cope with the disease.

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