Five myths about heart attack


Myth First. Sexing after suffering infarction is very dangerous.

showed: the probability that intimate relationships can lead to
infarction, actually small. Doctors usually recommend renewing
sex life in a month and a half after the disease. This is the average time. Not
Experiment to find out this question from your doctor.

Myth two. Throw smoking immediately after infarction harmful.

say: if you smoke - throw, if you do not smoke - do not start.
The way - gradually or immediately, individually or in the group - is not important
and depends on personal preferences.

The heart attack is peculiar
«Shock therapy», Shake, after which to quit smoking easier, so
how strongly the memories of the experienced stress.

by the way,
Mortality among those who have threw smoking after a heart attack, 60% lower
compared with those who could not abandon the bad habit.

Myth Third. After the first infarction will certainly be the second.

patients who have suffered a heart attack returns to normal life. 50%
Cases after a heart attack on ECG is not observed at all.

to active, full-fledged life is not only possible, but also really! If,
Of course, under «normal lifestyle» Not implied packaging
Cigarettes per day and shit sala for the night.

Myth Fourth. Physical exertion needs to stop.

On the
actually physical exertion reduce the risk of occurrence
Cardiovascular diseases and repeated heart attacks. Vice versa,
A sedentary lifestyle is one of the risk factors.

Myth Fifth. Small-scale myocardial infarction lighter than the large-scale.

The heart attack is easier than the large-scale, because the region
Heart lesions less. However, as a result «incomplete» Such
infarction The likelihood of repeated seizures is greater than with large-scale.

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