Treatment of hemolytic disease of the newborn


  • Replaced blood transfusion
  • Hemosorption
  • Method of hyperbaric oxygenation

  • Treatment of hemolytic disease of the newborn, is primarily aimed at combating high levels of bilirubin, the removal of maternal antibodies and the elimination of anemia. Medical and severe cases are subject to operational treatment. Operational methods include replaced blood transfusion and hemosorption.

    Replaced blood transfusion

    Treatment of hemolytic disease of the newbornReplaced blood transfusion still remains indispensable intervention with the most severe forms of the hemolytic disease of the newborn, as it warns the development of a nuclear jaundice, in which the cerebral cores of the fetus are damaged by bilirubin, and restores the number of blood formation elements.

    The operation of replaced blood transfusion consists in the blood fence of a newborn and overflow to him in the umbilical vein of the donor rhow-negative blood of the same group as the blood of a newborn). For one operation can be replaced to 70% of the blood of the baby.

    Usually overflow the blood in the amount of 150 ml / kg of the body weight of the child. With pronounced anemia, blood is transfused - erythrocytic mass. The operation of replaced blood transfusion is often reused, up to 4-6 times, if the bilirubin level begins to achieve critical numbers.


    Hemisorption is a method of extracting antibodies from the blood, bilirubin and some other toxic substances. In this case, the baby's blood is taken and passed through a special apparatus, in which blood passes through special filters, purified blood poured the baby again. The advantages of the method are as follows: the risk of transmission of infections with donor blood is excluded, the baby is not introduced alien protein.

    After surgical treatment or in case of easier flow of hemolytic disease of the newborn, transfusion of albumin solutions, glucose, hemodesa. With severe forms of illness, a good effect gives intravenous administration of prednisone within 4-7 days. In addition, the same methods are used as for transient conjugation jaundice.

    Method of hyperbaric oxygenation

    A method of hyperbaric oxygenation (HBO) found very widely. In the barocamer, where the baby is placed, pure moisturized oxygen is supplied. This method allows to significantly reduce the level of bilirubin in the blood, after it is improved by the general condition, the impact of bilirubin intoxication on the brain decreases. Usually 2-6 sessions are held, and in some severe cases, 11 -12 procedures are required.

    And at present, it is impossible to be fully considered the question of the possibility and feasibility of breastfeeding kids in the development of the hemolytic disease of the newborn. Some experts consider it quite safe, others are inclined in favor of cancellation of breastfeeding in the first week of the life of Baby, when his gastrointestinal tract is most permeable for immunoglobulins and there is a danger of additional maternal antibodies in the Baby Blood Rod.

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