Elevated cholesterol


Elevated cholesterol
Elevated cholesterol in the blood is usually
The result of hypodynamics, improper nutrition and bad habits. His
Increased levels can provoke a number of hazardous diseases. At
Pathological deviation detection should be adhered to a healthy image
Life and diet. If necessary, the doctor may prescribe drugs,
promoting its normalization.

Elevated cholesterol in blood — this is a signal about disadvantaged
in the body. Cholesterol is an integral part of blood and performs a number of important
Functions. But if its quantitative and high-quality deviation from
norms arise serious danger to the body.

Cholesterol in blood

What is cholesterol

Cholesterol — This is a residential substance that is part of
Any cell shell. About 80% of its total number is synthesized
The liver, the remaining part comes from food. Normal cholesterol level
important for the stable functioning of many organism systems.

Normal cholesterol level

The content of cholesterol in serum is considered normal
blood is about 5.0 mmol / l; For people suffering from diabetes and
Heart diseases, the norm is considered to be 4.5 mmol / l. except
quantitative indicators, important quality cholesterol, which is determined
By the ratio of its fractions: LDL, HDP and TG. In a healthy person, the level of LDL
(atherogenic cholesterol) should not exceed 100-130 mg / dl.

What does cholesterol need

In addition to participating in the formation of cell membranes, cholesterol
Serves a number of important functions in the body:

  • Provides the strength of the cell membrane,
    directly affects the survival of the cell;
  • by activating the corresponding membrane
    enzymes regulate the permeability of the cell shell for different substances;
  • takes part in metabolic processes;
  • is one of the main components of the genital
  • It is part of the shells of nerve fibers;
  • Participates in the formation of vitamin D, processes
    boring and synthesis of fatty acids in the liver;
  • Protects red blood cells (red blood
    cells) from the negative effects of hemolytic toxins;
  • normalizes the functioning of serotoninov
    receptors responsible for the formation of a feeling of pleasure.

Increased cholesterol levels in

Elevated cholesterol
The most common cause of cholesterol levels — Wrong lifestyle: hypodynamics and consumption of large quantities
Caloric food of animal origin, resulting in a set
Excess weight. The situation may be complicated by chronic stresses and harmful
habits: smoking and drinking alcohol.

The risk of increasing cholesterol levels increases
hereditary predisposition if there is among close relatives
Patients with IHD, arterial hypertension or atherosclerosis. With age
The risk of increasing cholesterol levels increases: men on average
age in women — After Klimaks. Pathology is distributed among patients
Over 50 years old.

What is the danger of high cholesterol

Increased cholesterol in blood can provoke
A number of pathologies of coronary arteries (arterial vessels feeding the heart).
It increases the likelihood of atherosclerosis, angina, ischemic
Heart disease, myocardial infarction and brain stroke. It is also
The risk factor for the development of hypertensive diseases obliterating diseases
lower limbs and thrombophlebitis.

In itself, the elevated level of cholesterol does not appear
no way; about the exit of its value beyond the limits of the norm, the patient, as a rule, will already know
After the development of one of the complications: angina, IBS, etc. Indirect sign
Enhancements may be pain in the heart, the deterioration of memory, pain in the legs after
physical activity or when walking, the appearance of xalt — deposits on the skin
Yellowish color. But these symptoms are not specific and not always indicate
High cholesterol.

How to normalize Level

First of all, you need to reconsider your diet and
Reduce its calorieness. Need to limit the number in your menu
Cooking salt, greasy meat, liver, butter and other products
Animal origin containing a large amount of fats. Refuse
Sweet confectionery, sharp and smoked dishes. Ration
Must be enriched with fiber, slowing the suction of cholesterol from food,
which is contained in vegetables, fruits, beans and grains of cereals.

If there are bad habits — Smoking and abuse
alcohol, then they should be abandoned, it is also desirable to increase physical
activity. After 45-50 years, a general examination should be held regularly and
follow blood cholesterol. Features of the use of drugs,
reduced cholesterol levels, determined by the doctor. The most effective
Preparations of the statins group are considered, but they have a number of contraindications, so
their application is possible only by appointment of a doctor.

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