gambling addiction


    The dependence of the special kind

    According to various data, in Russia, from 1 to 2% of the population are gambling computer players. At first glance, in percentage terms, the proportion is small. However, with a marginal counting, the situation no longer seems so innocent: for the millionth city, the number of players range from 50 to 100 thousand people, and only the units of them are aware that they cannot independently cope with this problem, and many do not give themselves the report in that sick. According to experts, about 30% of people who are fond of computer games are abused by finding virtuality, and 10% are at the stage of psychological dependence.

    Psychologists say that by and large there is no difference, from what you depend on, from cigarettes, from alcohol or from the game. As well as there is no difference on what game «hang»: slot machines, role-playing games in the forest or computer games - they have the same roots. In a certain sense, dependence on the game, especially if it is not related to spending money, of all dependencies, the most socially non-registered. Why is psychologists all over the world be alarming about her?

    Maybe the reason is that any other addiciability surrounding, and the dependent themselves are able to quickly diagnose and take steps to solve the problem? Maybe the fact is that any type of work on the computer with modern society is encouraged and welcome? Or maybe in the fact that today the computer has become an absolutely household device and is almost in every home?

    Games proceeds imperceptibly until it becomes completely impossible to be. First, man goes to the game from stress. Here he is king, god and ledmed guar. Here he lives simple joys: collect resources, fight, eat, say «Hey» in chat. Some even get married and have virtual families. Everything is very simple, understandable and stable. And this is not a problem. The problem begins when virtual life goes to the fore: the game replaces the work, the virtual family is a real family, and the character's success is more important than the success of the person himself. At this, careers, families and man.

    Symptoms and Stages

    In some dependent in the refusal of the game, there is an abstitent syndrome, expressed in the fact that they begin to tremble, sweat, lose the gripping speech and experience dizziness and nausea. Those who at least once gave smoking, these symptoms are familiar. You feel so that no harms of conscience, no reproaches are able to stop you: you understand what or you will eat, or die there, or, worse, will turn into a vaguely resembling a person, and it's better a cigarette than such a prospect. So, a person dependent on the game is experiencing the same feelings. Add to this physical disorders arising from a long seating at a computer: dryness in the eyes, vision problems, headaches, back pain, posture pain, tunnel defeat in individual muscles and nervous hand trunks - and get that other perspective.

    gambling addictionMost «Sanding» Psychologists call role-playing games. But it is not necessary to detenuate - the hitch can be on the most ordinary solitaire and any puzzle. And the point here is not at all in games, it's about you. You either run away from reality or not. And in this sense, love for dreams and plans does not differ at the same Warcraft-A. Remember the fairy tale about the Melnik's daughter, who, going down to the cellar for wine, saw a staggering stone in steps and burst out, representing how her son will go down the wine, turns out and break her neck. Note that the girl was not married and still childless.

    Psychologists argue that dependence on games is manifested much faster than smoking, drugs, alcohol, and t. D. On average, its formation requires no more than a year.

    Specialists allocate four stages of development of dependence on computer games. The first is a stage of easy passionism: a person begins to like computer graphics, the sound, the very fact of imitation of real life or some fantastic plots.In the second stage (stage of passion), the game becomes need. Only 10-14% of players pass on the third (most immediately go to the fourth), it is called the stage of psychological dependence. In the fourth stage, the human gaming activity occurs - the passion for the game goes into the stage of the norm. A person keeps a distance, but completely abandoning the game can not. This stage can last very long, in some cases - all life.

    So, here are a few signs, in the presence of which should be started to act: the reluctance is to be distracted from the game and subsequent irritation, when the player forgets about household goods, duties, studies, meetings and agreements during the game; disregard for their own health, hygiene and sleep in favor of the computer; feeling of emotional lifting during the game; When the game becomes the main topic for discussion.

    If you have noticed at least one of these signs, it means that you are not playlessly dependent (otherwise you would never admit to this). Calmly and without panic! Take yourself from your favorite game for a few days and follow the subsequent reaction. If you feel that you are uncontrollably pulls to stop it disgrace, grab the phone, call friends, go to nature, in the park, in the bar - anywhere and do what you like. Just do not overdo it, remember that it is very easy to acquire addiction, trying to get rid of another. Please accept the fact that you fall into extremes - this is your feature, and do not exacerbate her.

    Another thing, if you noticed that your friend, relative or colleague sits for hours. To begin with, specify whether he understands what is happening. Try to pull it in «Real» reality, show its significance, just talk about himself.

    Often the main cause of escape from reality is uncertainty in itself and its position, so it is not necessary to treat, but the attitude of a person to oneself. Dependent dependencies are our daily life. The place of bad and bad habits (alcohol, cigarettes, drugs) come good and right (healthy lifestyle, careerism and welfare), which ultimately appeal against us with diseases such as anorexia, workolism, gambling, Internet addiction, greed (or its reverse side - shopogolism). Probably in nature in nature laid in extremes. Therefore, we wish you, first of all, the senses of humor, and in the second - to share their desires for two, well, or at least give out of them legal 13% for mental harmony. In general, do not overdo it and be healthy!

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