Golden Staphylococcus in the intestine decoding analyzes


Golden Staphylococcus in the intestine: decoding tests

Golden Staphylococcus in the intestine decoding analyzes

In the intestine there is its own microflora, ensuring the stable operation of the entire gastrointestinal tract. If its balance is violated, dysbacteriosis occurs. It can cause golden intestinal staphylococcus. It refers to a conditional pathogenic intestinal flora and not the most loyal representative. This means that it is always present in the body, but under certain conditions can begin the reproduction, going beyond the boundaries of the norm. It causes strong inflammation in the intestines and intoxication.

Causes of Golden Staphylococcus growth in the intestines:

  • Low immunity;
  • antibiotic therapy;
  • artificial feeding;
  • prematurity;
  • cesarean section.

Even a small increase in golden staphylococcus can cause serious disorders, especially in newborns.

Golden Staphylococcus rate:

  • complete absence — For infants;
  • up to 103 — For adults.

In the absence of complaints, the presence of a microorganism that does not need microbiological correction, up to 10%.

If there is no staphylococcus, then they write: «not found» or ABS.
With a positive result of the analysis requires urgent hospitalization.

Collection Rules:

  • Before analysis, you need to perseve
  • Morning calf in a special pharmacy container (about two teaspoons);
  • The material is taken from different sites;
Cancel the reception of the following drugs:
* antiquia;
* anti-shine;
* antibiotics;
* laxatives;
* Nonteroid anti-inflammatory funds;
  • Do not put on the eve and before surrendering the analysis of the ball;
  • Do not put rectal candles on the eve;
  • Do not take tests after the intestinal x-ray with bary;
  • Do not allow the feces of disinfectants for toilet, water, urine;
  • Within two hours, the material is delivered to the laboratory.
  • Therapist, surgeon, infectious.

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