Treatment of schizophrenia

Schizophrenia - a serious mental illness,which destroys the human consciousness. the patient's personality changes drastically - unhappy with his head out into the world of personal experiences and loses contact with the outside world. Do these people a chance at a full life?

The origin of the disease

treatment of schizophrenia, neurology, nervous system, psyche, schizophrenia

Until a few decades ago, the onlyintelligible cause of schizophrenia is considered a bad heredity. But over time it became clear - the risk to go crazy in families with schizophrenia patients ancestors no higher than in families without a "mad" gene. However, we must recognize that genetics still creates a fertile ground for the development of the disease - in humans with schizophrenia, watch a variety of pathogenic factors, the indirect influence of which increases the sensitivity of the brain tissue of his descendants.

Some researchers tend to infectiousthe nature of the disease, other scientists believe that schizophrenia - a viral disease. The most accepted theory is considered self-poisoning, according to which the solution lies in the presence of the disease acquired during fetal development features that are aggravated by exposure to hostile environmental conditions. As a result of this imbalance inhibited oxidation - enzymatic processes in the brain tissue. There comes a lack of oxygen, which is at the heart of major changes in the central nervous system.

External symptoms of schizophrenia ...

treatment of schizophrenia, neurology, nervous system, psyche, schizophrenia

  1. Simple form - can develop at any age,but mostly it occurs in children, sometimes in adolescence. The main symptoms are sudden loss of interest in everything that fascinated before, increasing apathy, lethargy, insularity, reduced intellectual level. From time to time there are hallucinations, which are accompanied by anger and aggression to friends and relatives. The disease is diagnosed immediately, so in protest at the orders of the parents to go to school, the child can run out of the house, wander aimlessly through the streets, deal with bullying. Relatives are sounding the alarm when schizophrenia progresses, speaking of emotional stupidity, stupidity, unmotivated actions and eccentricities. The lower the age at which schizophrenia occurs, the greater the damage the disease causes the patient's intelligence. The patient is, at best, can adapt to primitive labor jobs and has a reputation of inferiority. Unfortunately, the disease generally progresses with age.
  2. Graft form of the disease occurs in youngpeople (mostly children and teenagers), in the past have had organic brain damage that caused mental retardation - a delay of mental development. Before the advent of child schizophrenia are more likely to have differed capricious stubbornness, insularity, explosions of irritability. This means that eventually the grain terrible disease fell into fertile soil with respect to the affected child's mind. The smaller the child the age at which schizophrenia develops, the more likely a full stop intellectual development of man.

Treatment of schizophrenia

treatment of schizophrenia, neurology, nervous system, psyche, schizophrenia

Despite the unclear origin of the disease, it is fortunately treatable.

our site considers it necessary to note: diagnosis afford to put only a psychiatrist. Assessment of the patient of his relatives, and especially his own, is often incorrect. Self and "folk wisdom" only exacerbate schizophrenia, making the patient a danger to others. People with schizophrenia is delusional and hallucinatory seizures are able to work, are full-fledged members of the family, but especially out-patient treatment or hospitalization appoint a specialist.

Methods of modern psychiatry successfullyinfluence on the course of schizophrenia. With the help of medication, psychotherapeutic and trudoterapevticheskoy practices can achieve significant improvement in the condition of the patient.

For the treatment of all forms and degrees of severityschizophrenia there is a large arsenal of psychotropic broad-spectrum drugs - haloperidol, thioproperazine, Etaperazin, frenolona, ​​chlorpromazine, Sibazon. Patients in the overall picture of the disease which is dominated by depressive-paranoid state, in addition to primary therapy prescribed antidepressants.

Positive dynamics give the traditional methodsthe treatment of schizophrenia: insulin-shock and electroconvulsive therapy (used in very rare cases). Insulin-shock therapy is used in the case of acute illness and electroconvulsive justified when the patient's psyche is resistant to treatment with other methods.

Social and labor rehabilitation aims to restoreprevious treatment for schizophrenia to a full life in the family and society. It is noteworthy that about half of the total number of patients do not have a disability and cope well with their work in a conventional business.

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