How to get out of the feed

As it sounds sad, almost each of us heard the phrase «Gone in the cock». Each subsequent day for a person's drinking man is worse and painful than the previous one, since alcohol intoxication with each new dose of alcohol increases. We will try to tell what methods can be effectively able to help a person when deriving it from.

Drinking man - this is a punishment for loved ones and surrounding. Our site will try to tell what methods can be effectively able to help a person when withdrawing it from a binge at home.

What do so do it?

How to get out of the feed
As it sounds sad, almost each of us heard the phrase «Gone in the cock». This is about a person who drinks alcoholic beverages without a break every day, for several days or weeks and can not stop independently. Each subsequent day for a drinking person is worse and painful than the previous one, since alcohol intoxication with each new dose of alcohol increases, and the resources of the body are directed to the processing of poison, not infinite. A man who is in stump becomes poorly physically and many consciously drink every day, because they are afraid of future torments related to the hangover.

Drinking person is a sick person and it needs to be taken to him as a patient. The principle that states that this is treated like this, in this case it is rather not appropriate. One of the main rules in the removal of a person from the Swarny is a ban on alcohol in general, even in small, it would seem, therapeutic doses.

How to quickly cut a person

How to get out of the feed
In order to start withdrawing a person from the bobby, he needs to drop a little. To do this, we add 2-5 drops of ammonic alcohol to a glass of water temperature and give a sick to drink. This «recipe» Strongly prohibited by people with heart disease.

Then cold shower. If you do not work, then put the patient in the bath and water it with cool water for 15 minutes, after which fill the bathroom bath bath and leave it for another 15-25 minutes. Watch for those in the bathroom by man, he is drunk and can drown.

Third step will be the detoxification of the body of the opposing person. The body of a drinker is oversaturated with toxins and poisons, which are formed as a result of the processing of alcohol, they cause a hangover, so it is simply necessary to cleanse. To wash the stomach to rinse the stomach, for which it is possible to dissolve in 1 liter of water 1 tablespoon of a mixture of salt and food soda in equal parts, let me drink a patient, after which it will cause a vomit reflex by pressing the fingers to the root of the language.

Another method of cleansing is an enema. Cleaning enema will release a patient from the toxins poisoned to the toxins and poison, which is in the body, will continue to slowly poison a person with the products of ethyl alcohol processing. The volume of the cleansing enema should be about 1.5-2 liters of fluid. The blasplement is good with the addition of honey in the amount of 1 tablespoon on the above volume. You can also use a herbal chamomile infusion, make it easy. I fill 1-2 tablespoons of dry chamomile flowers in a thermos, pour a glass of hot boiled water and insist for 15 minutes, flickering, the residue is pressed, obtained by infusion add to the water for the enema.

Elevate general condition

How to get out of the feed
A slightly broken person give a hot drink with the addition of honey (on a glass 1 tablespoon of honey). Drinking a drip method, that is, small sips. Well, if the patient can drink two glasses. First, honey is a truly magic drink containing a lot of useful trace elements and fructose, which helps the process of sobering and neutralize the action of alcohol. Secondly, drink drip method will allow the patient to heal and remove toxins through skin pores. Pot clean with a clean wet towel from the face and from all over the body. After honey beverages, you can give herbal chambers of valeriana, mother-in-law, mints, or any finished medicinal soothing collection of herbs. One of the signs of hangover is anxiety and neurosis. Such herbal decoctions will calm the patient and prepare it to further sleep. The total volume of drinking liquids should be at least 2 liters, all drinks are used without sugar.

While the patient drinks healing drinks, it will be useful to put it on the forehead the wet cold towel and periodically change it. Such a procedure will reduce headache. After these procedures, it is necessary to immediately fall asleep or at least rise.

In addition to folk methods, Corvalol can be used to eliminate. This is an affordable preparation of sedative action. Application scheme Next: Every three or five hours take 25 ml of this tool. In parallel with the Corvalol as a drink, you can use such a drug like a regider. One bag dissolve on a liter of water and give to drink a patient. The main goal of the use of REGIDRON is the restoration of aqueous and acid-alkaline balance of the body.

A good effect gives the combination of folk and medicinal techniques.

We restore the body

How to get out of the feed
After a start-up to leave the feed man will sleep, he needs to further restore forces. For which it is advisable to eat. It can be oatmeal with a pinch of salt or meat broth (as an option soup on meat broth). Perhaps the appetite will not be completely, but, even by eating some food, the patient will feel better.

Through time you need to give vitamin C. More effectively will be the use of vitamin C hiding tablet from pharmacy. All because the necessary dose body should be in the amount of 1000 mg, and it is impossible to get it from products in such quantities. If the pharmacy version of vitamin C is not, we use sauer cabbage or lemon tea.

Continue to give a person to a person abundant drink: soda water, herbal soothing infusions, cabbage or cucumber brine, juices, kefir. Under the ban and strong tea - these are energy drinks that cause the nervous system.

The restoration of the body after the feed will leave the day, and maybe more. During this period, you need to sleep and adhere to the above rules for nutrition.

Due to the fact that the alcohol abstineent syndrome (hangover) in danger exceeds the drug in heavy and long-term cases of the feed, it is advisable to contact specialized medical centers for qualified medical care.

Need to remember that The removal of the feed is not treatment of alcoholism. If a person cannot independently control the use of alcohol, then in order to avoid repetitions of winding phenomena, you need to begin to treat alcoholism.

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