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  • Piggy

    About this disease walks the mass of superstitions, prejudices and
    People's Commands. They say if you get sick smoke, everything will pass. Or this
    The disease practically guarantees infertility to overcome her boy. And she
    terrible in that it almost always goes into meningitis. So it or not, let's
    Tell me.

    First, why «piggy»? Because of «Beauty», which disease
    suggests the patient: he scares
    face and neck, eye slits become narrow - similarity with a grunty cut,
    As they say, on the face. The doctor, the nurser, such a beauty, will say that it is an epidemic
    Parotitis. And this is a real severe and consequences of the disease.

    In 1934. His viral nature was proved and highlighted
    Virus-culprit. Parotitis virus turned out to be a distant relative of the influenza virus.

    Parotitis is one of the most common infectious diseases.
    infection, like many others, airborne droplets. Sick
    In the last days of the incubation period (11-23 days), at the beginning
    Diseases and 5
    days after the appearance of symptoms. The virus is highlighted with saliva. Possible
    Virus through infected bodies, toys. Registered
    intrauterine infection with virus. Infections are more susceptible children 3-15
    years old
    (boys get sick one and a half times more often), but adults are sick
    Forty years old.
    As usual, they transfer the pig is much heavier.

    The pathogen is striking
    Preferably salivary glands, endocrine and nervous systems. He quickly dies
    In the external environment, but at low temperatures a long time is capable of
    Stay active. That is why the peak of morbidity falls on autumn and
    Winter. Once on the mucousness of the upper respiratory tract, almonds, pairotitis causative agent
    breeds, penetrates blood and spread throughout the body, accumulating in
    saliva and sex glasses.

    Symptoms of pork

    What is pig
    The disease begins
    sharp. Temperature rises to 38-39° and higher. Punching appears
    and soreness of the glands near the ears, first, as a rule, on the one hand, and
    1-2 days - and on the other. Incication is expressed moderately: the child is weak,
    complains of headache, sometimes - to the dental, pain in the ears and joints.
    The swelling of the affected glare is held 5-7 days, sometimes longer, but may pass
    And much faster. Iron suppuration is not observed. Together with swelling
    Pieces passes and making. These are classic symptoms found in
    Most cases. Sometimes there are no signs of lesion at vapotitis
    salivary glands. In this case, it is difficult to suspect this disease.

    Inflammation of the salivary glands - unpleasant, but not deadly.
    However, the pig is dangerous by its complications.
    Thank God, they arise rarely and mainly in patients with the defeat of the Central CNS.

    Orchitis, epididimitis, ooforitis quite rarely develop,
    Mastitis, Bartolinitis, Prostatitis and Pancreatitis. Fire glands are amazed extremely
    rarely, if the patient is an adult or in older children (in the period of sex

    When orchitis, pain in the field of eggs appears, which gives
    Packs, sometimes there is pain along the seed cake. Egg increases B
    sizes, becomes dense, painful, screaming. Orchit maybe
    develop both insulated and simultaneously with the lesions of the salivary glands.
    Complication may become infertility.

    Pancreatitis more often occurs in a light form. In severe cases
    accompanied by strong abdominal pains, vomiting, intestinal disorders,
    Decreases appetite.

    The damage to the central nervous system at the vapotitis is manifested by serous meningitis,
    In more severe cases of meningoencephalitis. After encephalitis, meningoencephalitis
    Pares may be observed, paralysis, as well as the defeat of the inner ear, which
    leads to deaf. There are cases of atrophy of the optic nerve. Consoles one -
    It happens extremely rarely.

    Pine treatment

    Treatment: patients with vapotitis occurring in a light form and with
    Middle severity is treated at home. Mandatory
    Hospitalization are subject to children with severe illness and all patients with
    Defeating CNS, with pancreatitis and orchitis.

    After the suffering disease, persistent immunity is produced. Cases are repeated
    Diseases are very rare, but still happen. Infants have passive immunity
    (received from the mother) to parotitis during the first 6 months of life.

    The most reliable
    Method of prevention for adults - Vaccine vaccine.

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