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    When we have a tooth and flux sores, we know that you need to quickly run to the dentist as soon as possible. When the nose is laid, high temperature and cough, we go to the therapist and ask the hospital. But what to do, when everything that bothers us, you can characterize in one word – «tired»? Or maybe it's in banal laziness?

    Not at all. And it is necessary to go first of all to the therapist to make the most common analysis that does not take a lot of time and nothing special requiring – blood analysis «on sugar». It will show, whether the level of glucose is not increased, because it can talk about the risk of diabetes mellitus.

    Meet: Diabetes

    Sugar diabetes is a disease of the endocrine system, which arises due to the lack of hormone insulin. He is responsible for the fact that in the blood there was a strictly defined amount of sugar – and no more. After all, if a lot of glucose accumulates in the blood, it has a harmful effect on the whole body – There are problems with eye vessels, internal organs, legs… Suffering the metabolism, immunity and even sexual attraction. But to identify this state you need to go through, in fact, only one analysis. And after that, just once to assign treatment so that this disease stopped disturbing you…

    An important analysis

    If in your blood an empty stomach is too much glucose, then the pancreas produces little insulin, or the sensitivity of the body to this hormone is reduced. High level of glucose – One of the first signs of helping the doctor to suspect a little and help a person before something serious happens.

    To figure it out for sure, you need to go through a more thorough examination. It will no longer therapist, but an endocrinologist or diabetologist. He carefully listens to the complaints and will collect all the information about the disease and its manifestations. After that, it will prescribe additional laboratory tests that will help determine how much the pancreatic function is broken – More precisely, those of its cells that produce insulin. This will help you choose the right treatment and as quickly as possible to stabilize blood glucose levels.

    How to hold glucose?

    Sugar diabetes - disciplining diseaseIf a person appealed to the doctor not immediately, the excess of sugar in the blood begins to complicate complications on this or that authority. Different people have these organs can be different – someone first have problems with kidneys (and pathological changes in them begin already at the very beginning of diabetes), in another – with eyes, the third has trouble with the foot vessels. In order to see these starting changes and begin treatment that helps this body cope with the problem, and a thorough examination is necessary.

    At the same time, the endocrinologist affects the main cause of the disease – Lack of insulin and, as a result, high glucose level. The lack of hormone can be the most different severity: it depends on how hard the disease flows and how strong medications are needed to cope with it. In some cases, the patient will need to regularly introduce insulin, in others – Take special saccharination drugs, and in the easief cases (especially this concerns the so-called prediabet) – It is enough to limit the low-calorie diet. Depending on how much sugar rises, the doctor will select the desired drug or a combination of drugs, which will help hold the level of glucose at the normal level. Since the maximum amount of glucose enters the blood when eating, these drugs must be taken shortly before meals.

    What if the doctor found diabetes?

    In fact, not everything is so scary: millions of people suffering from diabetes live in the world, including Sheron Stone, Sylvester Stallone, M.WITH.Gorbachev. Diabetes does not prevent people from living a full life: to work, play sports, give birth to children, as they learn to control their illness and fill the lack of insulin in time. After all, the earlier to start «discipline» glucose in healthy for the body, the less harm will bring the disease.

    Assistant discipline

    Sugar diabetes has one feature: if they do not engage - not to be treated at all or take medicines irregularly, it can become a very serious disease. But if you ensure that the level of glucose in the blood always remains within the normal range, then you can almost forget about this disease.

    In other words, diabetes causes a person to be disciplined – make sure that blood glucose remains «in urde». In some sense, she teaches a person more sensitive to themselves: there is that food that he really needs, but at the same time and have fun of her admission; take care of yourself and lead the way of life that meets the needs of your body.

    Such discipline helps to preserve life and health. In the end, everything is valuable that we have, it is worthwhile to make efforts to save it. Just need to start – Make a simple analysis «On glucose»…

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