Dwarf. What it is


    What it is

    Hypophizar dwarf — This is a delay in growth and physical development caused by the insufficient number of somatotropic hormone (growth hormone) in the body. This is an extremely rare disease: according to various sources, it occurs in 1-4 people out of 10,000. And the boys are getting twice as much more often than girls. Karlikov is considered an increase below 130 cm in men and below 120 cm in women.

    What happens to?

    The perpetrators of this disease are considered:

    • hereditary predisposition;
    • congenital defects (impaired pituitary formation in the intrauterine period);
    • Head injuries, including during childbirth;
    • pituitary tumors and surrounding nervous tissue;
    • diseases such as: tuberculosis, syphilis, sarcoidosis;
    • transferred radiation or chemotherapy.

    However, in more than 60% of cases, the cause of dwarfs and remains unclear.

    What's happening?

    Dwarf. What it isWhen birth, the weight and growth of children with a lack of growth hormone do not differ from healthy children. As a rule, the first signs of the disease appear in children aged 2-3 years, when they begin to fall behind in growth from their peers. The growth rate is sharply reduced and does not exceed 3-4 cm per year (normally 7-8 cm per year). Relief delay is accompanied by the normal proportions of the child's body.

    Also noted:

    • slowdown in the skeletal ossification, violation of the development and change of teeth;
    • weak development of the muscular system;
    • underdevelopment of genital organs;
    • a tendency to arterial hypotension;
    • If there is a pituitary tumor or the surrounding sections of the brain, along with the listed symptoms there is a violation of sight.

    Mental development is usually normal, such patients have good memory.

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