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  • You are in the list?

    In Russia, according to official data, there are 2.5 million. diabetes patients, but recently within the national project «Health» Civil service was carried out. 6.7 million were investigated. Russian residents aged 35 to 55 years. Sugar diabetes was detected in 770 thousand of them — more than each tenth! And these are people who consider themselves healthy and not knowing that they are on the veryDo not wait for diabetes - Start prevention now! Pains are sick.

    Doctors are confident: the real prevalence of the disease is 3-4 times higher than official figures, but it is often for the first time this diagnosis is very late — When a person suffered a heart attack due to diabetes.
    Until now, a unambiguous answer to the question about the causes of diabetes mellitus.

    Definitely, heredity plays a big role. But it is also clear that often the transition of hereditary predisposition to the disease occurs under the influence of external factors: obesity, hypodynamines, smoking, alcoholism.

    How to prevent?

    Diabetes - one of those few diseases to prevent and the treatment of which a lot can make a lot. In Finland, a study was conducted during which people with predisposition to this disease were divided into 2 groups.

    Patients of the first group were recommended to significantly change their lifestyle, first of all — reduce body weight and increase physical load. Went in the second group continued to adhere to the usual nutritional and physical activity. After 3.2 years of observation, it turned out that a change in lifestyle led to a decrease in the risk of the development of a type 2 diabetes 58%.

    Diet - The main thing in diabetes. The essence of it — Restriction of carbohydrates in order not to load the pancreas and calorie restriction — so as not to get fat. The exception is implied (sometimes a sharp limitation) of easily durable carbohydrates (sugar, sweets), with overweight body reduction of calorie, compliance with the power mode — 5-6 times a day.

    It is necessary to eat more products of plant origin, especially vegetables and greens, since they contain cellulose and fibers necessary for more slow down absorption glucose from the intestine. In addition, 50-70% of animal fats should be replaced with vegetable. Alcohol is contraindicated, since even in minor quantities it reduces the flow of glucose from the liver.

    Throw smoking. Smoking has to develop both diabetes and its complications. Watch out for pressure. It is known that the increased pressure can be an impetus for a violation of carbohydrate exchange. There are no two other diseases that would be so closely connected to each other as diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. The better the person will control his pressure, the better it will protect his vessels.

    Degree of threat

    Every year in the world of second-type diabetes (7 million, 7 million people are ill, — Says Marina Shestakova, director of the Institute of Diabetes FGUEN. — Every year, the suffering diabetes produce more than 1 million amputations, since the vessels are primarily affected by the disease — legs, hearts, eyes, kidneys. Every year, 700 thousand patients replenish the army of the blind. About 500 thousand people lose their kidneys and are forced to switch to hemodialysis. Every year 4 million patients with diabetes are dying. For this period, AIDS and hepatitis are carrying.

    They were not broken illness

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