Caution, anemia in children!


  • Wrong lethargy
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  • Wrong lethargy

    Caution, anemia in children!Among kids anemia is quite common — After all, the crumb is growing, it increases the need for hardware and at the same time its reserves in the body

    Healthy children — Active children: all the time jump like balls. They do not stop for a minute, all day for a child — Changing affairs: attack the cat, followed from the coffee table Kipu newspapers, with a crash to destroy the cubes built together with the dad, reset the kitchen pans on the floor… But suddenly your two-year kid becomes pale, sluggish, apathetic, badly eats, and today he spent the morning, moving from the sofa to the chair and back. He takes a toy in the handle, drops her; Takes a book — Rhines again. Then stupidly, falls to the floor and does not get up for a long time, as if completely exhausted his strength, despite the fact that I slept tightly…

    Sometimes the cause of the above-described condition of the crumbs can be iron deficiency anemia. And if you suspect that your child does not surfaches with iron food, let's try to find out in what cases you can talk about anemia, how to increase iron intake and help the body in the fight against this state.

    Little blood…

    To begin with, let's make a little clarity in familiar terms. Earlier instead of the term «anemia» Used term «anemia», the meaning of which is more clear — little blood, or rather red blood cells, erythrocytes (they constitute the bulk of blood and «Tiny» Her red color). These are special cells that «Deliver» Oxygen throughout the body and remove carbon dioxide from tissues.

    Helps them in this hemoglobin, which is on the surface of the erythrocytes and in «Construction» which is necessary including iron. When this trace element is not enough, the level of hemoglobin and the life of the body decreases in such conditions — Eternal deficiency of oxygen and self-radiation by carbon dioxide of all its fabrics. From here and pale crumbs, his fast fatigue, constant fatigue, uncertainty when walking (the kid in a smooth place stumbles and falls) and t. D. However, anemia (with the exception of rare cases) is not an independent disease, it is a symptom of the blood reduction in hemoglobin, which occurred as a result of any failures in the body.

    Rapid growth costs

    Caution, anemia in children!Half of all kids up to four years suffers anemia. And as already mentioned — This is not a disease, but a symptom. Depending on the causes and types of anemia are different, but the most common is iron deficiency. She also has her own prerequisites. Here are some of them:

    • Fast child growth — This is the most common cause;
    • Incorrect meals (therefore lacks nutrients in «Construction» hemoglobin);
    • Often the tendency to anemia arises from the premature or born on time, but with a low weight (for example, twins or twins), as well as kids-artificials and children, whose parents are supporters of vegetarianism, as a result of which their child does not get enough iron with meat;
    • Often, anemia appears due to digestion problems, when useful substances from food can be used in the intestine. This may be due, for example, with dysbacteriosis, the presence of worms and others.

    As you can see, there are a lot of reasons and they are different. Therefore, only the doctor can understand them. And if the crumb is pale and apathetic, after moving games and even a small effort quickly gets tired, hurry to sit or lie down, especially you noticed that he is trying to eat chalk, land, sand (each third baby with iron deficit under the age of 3 is noticed Similar need) — It is time to consult a doctor to confirm the diagnosis of manifestation of anemia or find other possible reasons that may affect the behavior of crumbs. To do this, your doctor will definitely ask for a general blood test.

    We read the analysis

    With the help of laboratory analysis, it is possible to determine even a slight decrease in hemoglobin. That is why pediatricians require even a completely healthy kid from time to time the blood was examined.

    We will dispel some doubts that arise from each parent when, receiving the result of blood test, it compares the specified values ​​with the norms on the form. For kid at every age — your indicators, therefore in the magging age «norm» constantly changes that, of course, just in the blanks and not specified. After one year, hemoglobin can be within 120-160 g / l, the number of erythrocytes — 4,0-5.0 x1012 / l. Anemia decreases the content of hemoglobin and (or) the number of erythrocytes, therefore, at the level of erythrocytes to 3.8 – 3.6 x10 12 / l and hemoglobin content up to 115-110 g / l can already be assumed.

    If the analysis showed that your child has reduced hemoglobin, do not panic and do not rush with conclusions — in two weeks the analysis should be repeated. If he was no better, it is necessary to examine the baby well, find a disease that caused anemia and treat it. And then restore hemoglobin. If the reason for the reduction of hemoglobin in improper nutrition, it is necessary to establish it, simultaneously engaged in the prevention of anemia in the future.

    Where to look for iron?

    Caution, anemia in children!Hurry to warn. In recent years, they began to talk a lot and write that anemia should not be treated — they say hemoglobin just «eat», For example, vitamin complexes with the addition of iron, all sorts of food additives. Even on many products indicate that they are rich in iron. No need to come across this fishing rod. If the cause of anemia — Any disease, first of all, must be cured of it, at the same time normalizing the food diet of your crumbs (if it is broken!). Otherwise you can only harm the child. To carry out the prevention of anemia by the forces in each family, because it is based on the usual principles of proper nutrition.

    • First of all, until the crumb will restore his strength, limit the consumption of tea, since there is a tubyl acid in it worsens the absorption of iron. A glass of tea can be given no more times a day. And instead of the traditional drink, cook the crumb compote (from fruit — Fresh or frozen, as well as dried fruits), Kissel, Equiphertic products (kefir, ryazhenka and t.NS.), let's drink fruits, juices, rose hips.
    • Expand and divert the baby diet. In the first years of life in their nutrition, there must be different varieties of bread, cereals, vegetables, fruits, greens, milk, meat, fish, cheeses… Be sure to include in the child's diet products rich in iron: beans, enriched cereals (especially buckwheat, which can be given not only in the form of a porridge, but also prepare pancakes from it and t.NS.) and coarse flour bread (mandatory component of the menu). Beans and beans are usually not a favorite food of most children, but they still need to add to soups, and salads.
    • Doctors deservedly consider apples with an effective tool in Malokroviya prevention. At the same time, even dried apples, as well as properly cooked and stored apple juices and jams, save many food dignity of fresh apples. And since childhood, teach the crumb to eat apples correctly, so that all their nutrients, aroma and taste persisted. The best thing — grated fresh fruits on the grater, and it is necessary to rub apples only on the largest grater.
    • Very useful beet. Add this vegetable into salads, prepare juice from it.
    • Let's dried fruit children. When drying fruits, water disappears, but nutrients, such as iron, are concentrated in them. Children especially love dried apricots, dates and raisins — All of them contain a large amount of iron.
    • The main source of iron, which is easiest to be absorbed by our organism located only in the animal food: calf (rabbit) language, liver, rabbit meat, turkey, chicken. But here have its own features. For example, language itself — fat product, and if the baby gets a boiled language, other fatty foods should not be present in its diet.
    • Refuse additional sources of iron, for example, various vitamin additives with this microelement, which without a recipe sell in any pharmacy and even supermarkets — They are used only on the recommendation of the doctor in the presence of indications! In other cases, according to many doctors for most children, these «Vitamins» Usually not needed. And only with a severe degree of anemia, the kids are still prescribed various gland preparations (now there are many drugs adapted specifically for young children), but only under the control of the doctor.
    • Finally, let your crumb nutritionals, help him appreciate the products rich in iron, unobtrusively suggesting that they «good», «Best» and «the best». From time to time they should praise them when they choose food rich with iron.

    Refuse dishware with teflon coating. After all, when you use a cast-iron frying pan instead of a teflon or aluminum coated, you increase the iron content in food, especially if you cook with acidic food, like tomato sauce. Also, do not forget that the trace elements are destroyed when vegetables are long in water or cook cleaned. Potatoes, for example, gives a decoction of more than 20% of salts. These losses will decrease if you sat down a little water. In addition, boil vegetables into a smaller amount of water.

    Finally, I would like to add that you should not neglect the passing of the usual analysis of blood, when the baby, for example, complains of pain in the tummy, or he had a rash, because the anemia may be hiding behind these signs, which on the one hand can deliver a lot of hassle, but With the correct diagnosis, it is easily treated. be healthy!

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