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  • Incorrect lethargy

    Carefully, anemia in children!Among babies anemia is very common - in fact crumb grows, it increases the need for iron and simultaneously reduced its reserves in the body

    Healthy children - active children: all the time jump, like a ball. They do not stop for a minute, all day for the baby - change of affairs: to attack a cat, followed by brush away from the coffee table pile of newspapers, with a crash ruin built along with dad pyramid of cubes, drop to the floor kitchen pots ... But suddenly your two-year toddler becomes pale, listless, apathetic, he does not eat, and today spent the morning moving from couch to chair and back. He takes the pen in a toy, drop it; He takes the book - again drops. Then he stumbles, falls to the floor and did not rise, though completely exhausted his strength, despite the fact that slept soundly all night ...

    Sometimes the cause of the above-described state of the crumbsIron deficiency anemia can be. And if you suspect that your child is not dopoluchaet dietary iron, try to find out in which cases we can talk about the anemia, how to increase the intake of iron and help the body to fight this condition.

    Not only blood ...

    First, let us be a little bit of clarityfamiliar terms. Earlier, instead of "anemia" term was used the term "anemia", whose meaning is more clear - a little blood, but rather of red blood cells, red blood cells (which make up the mass of blood and "tint" in her red). This special cells that are "carried about" oxygen throughout the body and removes carbon dioxide from the tissues.

    It helps them in this hemoglobin, which ison the surface of red blood cells in the "construction" of which must including iron. When this trace element is missing, decreases in hemoglobin level and the life of the organism in such circumstances - a perpetual shortage of oxygen and self-poisoning with carbon dioxide all its tissues. Hence the pale face of the crumbs of his fatigue, constant tiredness, lack of walking (kid on level ground stumbles and falls) and so on. D. However, anemia (except in rare cases) is not an independent disease, a symptom of a decline in hemoglobin in the blood, occurred as a result of any failure in the body.

    the rapid growth of costs

    Carefully, anemia in children!Half of all children up to four years of sufferinganemia. And as it has been said - it is not a disease but a symptom. Depending on the causes and types of anemia vary, but the most common is iron deficiency. She, too, has its own prerequisites. Here are some of them:

    • the rapid growth of the child - it is the most common cause;
    • poor diet (and therefore do not have enough nutrients in the "construction" of hemoglobin);
    • often a tendency to anemia occurs inpremature or born at term, but with a low weight (eg, twins or twins), as well as bottle-babies, and children whose parents are proponents of vegetarianism, with the result that their baby is not getting enough iron from meat;
    • Anemia often occurs due to problems with the digestion, when the nutrients from the food it can be absorbed in the intestine. This may be due, for example, with a dysbacteriosis, the presence of worms and others.

    As you can see, the reasons are many and they are different. Therefore, only a doctor can understand them. And if crumb pale and listless, after the mobile games, and even a little effort to quickly get tired, in a hurry to sit or lie down, the more you notice that he is trying to eat chalk, earth, sand (every third kid with iron deficiency under the age of 3 years observed such a need) - it's time to see a doctor to confirm the diagnosis of a manifestation of anemia or find other possible causes that may affect the behavior of crumbs. To do this, be sure to ask your doctor to pass a complete blood count.

    read analysis

    Using laboratory analysis can determine even a slight decrease in hemoglobin. That's why pediatricians need to even have quite a healthy baby from time to time examined the blood.

    We dispel some of the doubts thathaving each parent when receiving the result of the blood test, it compares these values ​​with the rules on the form. For the kid in every age - his figures, so malyshovom age "norm" is constantly changing, which, of course, just in forms not specified. After one year of hemoglobin may be in the range of 120-160 g / l, the number of red blood cells - h1012 4.0-5.0 / l. In anemia, decreased hemoglobin, and (or) number of erythrocytes, so the erythrocytes to a level of 3.8 - 3.6 x 10 12 / L and a hemoglobin content of up to 115-110 g / l can already assume its existence.

    If the analysis shows that your child has been reducedhemoglobin, do not panic and do not rush to conclusions - in two weeks analysis should be repeated. If he was not the best, we must carefully examine the baby, find a disease that caused the anemia and to treat it. And then restore hemoglobin. If the reason for decrease in hemoglobin in the wrong diet, it is necessary to establish, at the same time engaged in the prevention of anemia and in the future.

    Where to look for iron?

    Carefully, anemia in children!We hasten to warn. In recent years, much talk and write about what is necessary to treat anemia not - say, the hemoglobin can simply "eat", for example, vitamin complex with the addition of iron, all kinds of food additives. Even on many products indicate that they are rich in iron. Do not fall for the bait. If the cause of anemia - any disease, we must first heal him, while normalizing your diet crumbs (if it is broken!). Otherwise, you can only do harm to the child. To conduct the prevention of anemia by forces in each family, because it is based on the usual principles laid nutrition.

    • First of all, as long as no pipsqueakRecharge your batteries, limit the consumption of tea, as being in its tannic acid impairs the absorption of iron. A glass of tea can be given only once a day. Instead of the traditional beverage cook crumbs compote (fruit - fresh or frozen, and dried fruits), jelly, milk products (yogurt, fermented baked milk, etc.), let's drink fruit drinks, juices, broth hips.
    • Expand and diversify the diet baby. In the first years of life in their diet necessarily include different types of bread, cereals, vegetables, fruits, herbs, milk, meat, fish, cheese ... Be sure to include in a child's diet of foods rich in iron: kidney beans, fortified cereals (especially buckwheat, which can give not only in the form of cereals, but also to cook from her pancakes, etc.) and bread from wheat flour (a mandatory component of the menu). Beans and legumes are usually disliked by most children with food, but they still need to be added in soups and salads.
    • Physicians rightly considered an effective applestool in the prevention of anemia. However, even dried apples, as well as properly prepared and stored apple juice and jam, conserve many nutritional advantages of fresh apples. And from childhood teach the crumbs to eat apples properly, so as to retain all their nutrients, flavor and taste. Best of all - grated fresh fruits, apples and rub it is necessary only at the very coarse grater.
    • Very useful for beet. Add the vegetable in salads, cook the juice out of it.
    • Let the children dried fruit. When drying fruit disappears water but nutrients such as iron, are concentrated therein. Children especially like dried apricots, figs and raisins - they all contain large amounts of iron.
    • However, the main source of iron, which is the easiestabsorbed by our body is found only in animal foods: veal (rabbit) tongue, liver, rabbit meat, turkey, chicken. But there are some features. For example, the language itself - fat product, and if the baby gets boiled tongue, not other fatty foods must be present in his diet.
    • Avoid additional sources of iron,for example, various vitamin supplements with this trace element that sell without a prescription at any pharmacy, and even supermarkets - they are used only on the advice of a doctor when indicated! In other cases, according to many doctors for most children these "vitamins" are not usually necessary. And only when severe anemia kids still prescribe different iron preparations (now there are a lot of drugs, specially adapted for small children), but only under medical supervision.
    • Finally, let your food crumbs lessonshelp him to appreciate the foods rich in iron, gently suggesting that they are "good", "better" and "best." From time to time should praise them when they choose foods rich in iron.

    Avoid utensils with Teflon coating. After all, when you use a cast-iron frying pan instead of a Teflon-coated or aluminum, you increase the iron content in the diet, especially if you cook acidic foods like tomato sauce. Also, do not forget that minerals are destroyed when vegetables are long in water or cooked peeled. Potatoes, for example, gives a 20% broth salts. These losses will decrease if you're a little podsolite water. Also, cook vegetables in the smallest possible amount of water.

    Finally I want to add that should not beneglect the delivery of routine blood test when the baby, for example, complains of pain in the tummy, or has a rash, after all, these features may be hiding anemia, which on one hand can deliver a lot of trouble, but when properly established diagnosis it can be easily treated . Be healthy!

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