Away, dystonia!


  • Blame hormones and unrealized colds
  • To whom to go?
  • How to quickly remove the attack?
  • Test. Is your vascular tone?

  • Away, dystonia!

    Blame hormones and unrealized colds

    can be called an independent disease only if it
    originated against the background of the defeat of the most autonomic nervous system. But this
    It is rare. More often dystonia is a syndrome that occurs with many
    Harves. Here are common health problems that can
    hide under the mask of dystonia.

    Diseases of internal organs.
    Especially often the vegetation buffs with
    Cardiac arrhythmias, vascular disorders (hypo- and hypertension),
    gallstone disease, pancreatitis, inflammation and kidney stones,
    Osteochondrosis and even... Umbilical hernia.

    Often IT develops against the background of endocrine diseases
    glands - especially thyroids, adrenal glands and ovaries. For example, 20%
    Cases of myoma uterus and ovarian tumors at the primary stage of the disease
    Signals about yourself only by the attacks of vegetative endonia.

    After infections
    , including colds. In particular, 30% of cases
    The exacerbations of chronic pyelonephritis (kidney inflammation) are accompanied by
    violation of vascular tone.

    . More often respiratory associated with hypoxia. Heavy attacks
    bronchial asthma more than half of the patients provoke manifestations

    For example, about 40% of people after concussion and
    80% after microinsults begin to suffer from periodic attacks

    and depression.
    Naturally, our vegetative nervous system is closely
    associated with an emotional state, anxiety level, a tendency to
    Mood drops.

    To whom to go?

    An integrated approach is important. First you need to visit:

    • Endocrinologist (tests for hormones, first of all check the thyroid and adrenal glands);
    • cardiologist (ECG, samples with load);
    • women - gynecologist, men - andrologist (or urologist);
    • neurologist (do EEG). If
      The results of all surveys were normal, it means that your
      Dystonia is functional and, most likely, spiked
      solely on the nervous soil.

    How to quickly remove the attack?

    Essentially bring themselves in order with the attack of dystonia, such simple actions will help.

    mixtureAway, dystonia! Disposable and Stimulating Preparations. For example,
    Mix 50 drops to half a cup of valerian tincture (suitable
    Motherboard, Peony, Valokordin) and tincture of Eleutherococcus (Chinese
    Lemongrass, Ginseng).

    Something sweet and drink a lot of liquid (water or
    juice). This normalizes blood sugar levels - in the stressful situation
    He is jumping. Close your eyes and pressed on the eyeballs for a minute. It will remove the heartbeat and fever. Missing the little men, as well as the head in the area of ​​the occipital hill and the cervical spine. This will lead to normal.

    Test. Is your vascular tone?

    statistics, up to 40% of women and 20% of men suffer from periodic
    attacks of dystonia. And about 15% of people suffer from this short

    In general, vegetary dystonia (VD) is syndrome,
    which can accompany the mass of diseases and states. We have
    Vegetative (peripheral) nervous system, which among other things
    responsible for vascular tone. When vegetatic disorders arise,
    The tone of blood vessels is intelligent.

    Moreover, a variety of manifestations may be indicated:

    • constant feeling of cold;
    • unfortunate redness or face pallor;
    • Changing the sensitivity of the fingertips of the fingers and legs;
    • unreserved «volatile» pain in the limbs;
    • heartbeat;
    • Sudden spasms in the stomach, which are often associated with a stressful situation;
    • feeling of lack of air with excitement;
    • Dindlighted dizziness or noise in the head;
    • increased sweating of palms and stop;
    • arterial pressure instability;
    • Sleep disorders (difficult to fall asleep or jump at night);
    • Weetchiness;
    • fast fatiguability;
    • Anxiety, sometimes completely unfortunate, often closer in the evening;
    • Unfortunately rolling the waves of fear, panic;
    • Poor well-being in the subway;
    • fast fatiguability;
    • scattered attention;
    • such «Exotic» symptoms like the feeling that they hurt... Hair or constantly butt and draw palms.

    believe that if you have noticed more than six of these symptoms, you
    Surely suffer from VD. It remains to find the true cause of this

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