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  • Although high growth today in fashion, there are limits to perfection. Too high growth, except for problems with the choice of clothing, brings serious health problems.

    High height dangers

    High height - everything is good in moderation«Critical growth is considered 2 meters - men and 190 cm - in women. If a person is higher, we are talking about giantism, which requires treatment, - says the chief physician of the Endocrinology clinic MMA. AND. M. Sechenova, candidate honey. Sciences Vyacheslav Sergeevich Pronin. - The cause of rapid growth is a pituitary tumor that stimulates excessive highlighting growth hormone. The mass of the organs increases noticeably, and this leads to serious violations. The pituitary tumor itself, with an indomitable development, can lead to serious neurological complications.

    If excessive products of growth hormone occurs until the completion of puberty (up to 20 years) is completed, when the human growth zones are still open, the bones of the skeleton grow long - gigantism develops. Such children are actively growing, differing significantly from classmates in growth and physical development.

    If the disease develops when the growth zones have already closed, man «grows in width»: His brushes, foot, head circle and appearance changes noticeably - this is called «acromegaly» (literally - increase limbs). The disease causes a lot of health problems, and in the absence of adequate treatment, such patients are too dying. The highest man in the world American Robert Wadlow in 272 cm in twenty-two years old.

    If your child is noticeably above his peers or you notice the described changes in appearance, you need to contact the endocrinologist as soon as possible. The same applies to children who are lagging behind. The faster they send them to pediatric endocrinologists, the more significant they can help them».

    We define normal growth

    Normal to growth - the concept is very relative. The medium-tariff growth of all residents of the planet is 165 cm - for men and 154 cm - for women. So the mannequins with their 180 cm and above against the background of mankind rest in the sky. Index «Normal» Growth has a scatter from 155 to 190 cm. Male growth rate is 175 plus-minus 7 cm, that is, 168-182 cm, female - 162 plus-minus 6 cm, that is, 156-168 cm.

    The growth of the child, as a rule, corresponds to the growth of parents. There is even a special formula for which it is possible to calculate whether the child is not lagging behind in growth or, on the contrary, does not overtake the parents too rapidly. The normal growth of the boy should be equal: (father's height + mother's growth + 12.5 cm) / 2. Girl's growth is calculated by the formula: (father's height + mother's growth - 12.5 cm) / 2. Thus, the normal growth of the child is plus-minus 8 cm from the average growth of parents.

    Besides the actual growth value, it is very important when it is the child noticeably pulls out. Growth rate should be maximal in the first months of life and in a publ. The final digit directly depends on when puberty ends. The more faster than the level of the genital hormones increases, the earlier the growth zones of the tubular bones of the skeleton are closed, and hence the growth is stopped.

    The main role in how high the person will be played by the amount of growth hormone produced by the pituitary gland - endocrine iron in the brain. If it is produced with junk, the child grows under the eternal teasers «Getting a sayshka», If the growth hormone is missing, it gets a question «when you start eating porridge?».

    The highest people

    Robert Vadlou (USA) Robert Wadlou (USA) is considered to be the record holder among the giants and China Zen Jinlyan, which has grown to 248 cm by 19 years old. The most famous marriage couple of giants is Martin Bates (236 cm) and Anna Sven (220 cm), which got married in 1871 and gave birth to another character from the Guinness Book, since the weight of the newborn was almost 11 kg. Poor baby did not survive and turned into an exhibit of the Health Museum in Cleveland.

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