Why we are Tolstoy? Talk about food culture


  • A bit of history
  • Life for Hamburger
  • A little sad statistics
  • Why the Japanese do not agitate
  • Eternal question: what to do?
  • The secret of longevity is simple!

  • A little

    Power cultureYou, of course, remember
    Replica belonging to two doctors immediately, Chekhov and, beginning to fully
    Chekhov hero from the story «Ionch»: «Oh, how not to fully fully!» Reading
    Fiction, we often find among the heroes of the novels,
    stories, the mistakes of people full. See what looks like at the end of the story
    Dr. Elders, who failed to change something in his life: «...Much more
    Purchased, obesomed, breathing hard, wipes the sweat from his forehead and already walks, throwing back
    head. When he, chubby, red, rides on the top three with the bubbles... it seems that
    Not a man, but the pagan God. Probably because the throat was poured fat,
    The voice has changed, has become thin and sharp. He also changed his character: became
    Heavy, irritable. He is alone. Lives him boring, no one
    Interested in... In the evenings of ON... Sits one behind a large table and dinner... Dinters and angry». See how exactly a writer
    The appearance and symptoms of the disease are notified, and the inner world of ill obesity in
    Far cases. We see that today, in the modern world of such people,
    such a Chekhov hero, a lot. They are found everywhere and such a feeling,
    that not only fuses the world of such people, but the society is fading, of which.

    Now take the time of the military
    and post-war: hunger, blockade, lack of any opportunity to feed
    yourself and your family. And whatever appear on the table, everything was in joy. Our
    Outcoming old men remember this very well, and because the hunger period was replaced
    Power period of the future, the joy of life
    from the fact that on the table at least something appeared.

    And remember the hungry society
    And the first laws of health care,
    According to which three-time foods were needed for normal life. At the same time, health care organizers understood that for the health of the normal organism
    It was required fivefold food, but the state could not afford such

    I remember the beginning «Lidh 90s»
    just past century: empty counters, long queues, sugar and pasta by
    cards, 10 eggs in one hands, evil faces, hungry children. Eat what «Have you please»,
    and no matter how products are combined. A lot of — So you will be fed. And tomorrow God
    Dust... Maybe.

    A life
    For Hamburger

    Sometimes it may occur
    the feeling that we all ended up in some kind of castoric. At the beginning of the twentieth century
    The car, which rushed at a speed of 15 km / hour, scared passersby, and today we,
    drivers, annoying restriction up to 60 km / h. Radishchev, passing from St. Petersburg
    to Moscow, received so many impressions that they were enough for a whole book. XX century
    Everything changed: life gained speed, and we are working on this life without noticing
    Nothing around. We quickly build, quickly work, quickly live and quickly
    Eat. Fast food broke somehow unnoticed in our life. He broke into the kitchen
    Our houses — In the form of semi-finished products and canned products. Alas,
    Attractive taste shades of such food do not always correspond to her
    Quality: For example, in a broth cube manufacturers put cheap fat, more often
    Total made on the basis of palm or cotton oil. He is almost always
    Contains hydrogenated or hydrogenated fat. And the glutamate sodium, which, as a drug, attracts
    ears us to harmful food and changes metabolic processes? And children, just born, without learning to crawl, thanks to numerous television advertising, they already understand that
    that «Snickers» and mysteriously mounted word «McDonalds».

    A little
    Sad statistics

    Power culture
    The prevalence of obesity
    It is difficult to estimate the world, since it is often not diagnosed and not taken into account,
    And in a number of developing countries, epidemiological data is simply absent. Top
    Not less, studies conducted in developed countries in the last 10 years
    Show: in most countries, including Russia, every third resident has
    body weight superior to the maximum allowed. In fact, we are dealing with
    Pandemic of this disease. And distributing in recent decades
    programs orienting residents for more rational food and more active
    Lifestyle, did not stop these trends. Epidemiological study
    Allows you to identify the so-called «Family obesity». Degree of severity
    Obesity in children quite clearly correlates with obesity from their parents. And
    This connection is stronger than the connection of obesity in children with consumption by them
    Energy or motor regime. More closely obesity in children is associated with
    Mother obesity than fathene obesity. So, in obesity of the father
    The probability of the development of this disease in children is 50%. If obesity
    sick and father, and mother, then in children it will develop with a probability of 80%. If
    obesity only in the mother, then children will have overweight with probability
    more than 60%.

    Obesity is significantly influenced
    For a duration of life. It is known that sick obesity III-IV degree
    live on average, 15 years less than others.

    How many people are full
    heard from doctors a meaningful phrase: «You need to move more and less
    there is». This «Mystery» Knows even a little baby.

    Studies show that
    families where there are fat children, traditionally eat a lot. And it's not just in
    Quantity — Products are selected such that contribute to the extra
    Weight. In the diet, many animal fats and «Fast» Carbohydrates. In the Big
    quantities there and dishes containing a lot of fat and sugar — Cupcakes, Cakes,
    creamy ice cream and pr.

    IN «Tolstoy» families are I
    Your features of food behavior: if the child is crying — it means hungry;
    If Croepy — need to feed; sick — Basic medicine — delicious.
    Sweets and favorite children's dishes are actively used by parents to
    calm it, establish relationships, make it make an unpleasant for him
    Work. And these stereotypes act then throughout life. And being
    adults, in the period of depression, the only one — It is delicious.

    Greater, children often
    hear: «Look so that neither a piece is left!», «Eat soup — Get a candy».
    Thus, get used to thoughts: «It does not matter that already ate. All the same need
    Eat to the end». It turns out that the boundaries between hunger and satiety are blurred, and
    No internal control skill for the number of food eaten. BUT
    Add to this our traditional abundant feast associated with the admission
    guests. And our children are gradually taught to this pastime.

    Here are babies grow,
    become parents and come to us, in the centers of aesthetic medicine. WITH
    a decent excess weight, tired of endless struggle with them, with desire
    change yourself to keep your youth. And, most importantly, with understanding that
    Life is so short, and so I want to extend your youth. People come to
    get an advice: «How to deal with signs of aging?», «How to change yourself and,
    Therefore, to become happier, confident in yourself, younger and keep your
    Natural beauty?»

    The Japanese are not aging

    Why are we Tolstay Talk about the food culture
    «At 70, you are another child, in 80
    — just a young man, and in 90, when ancestors invite you to heaven, ask them
    Wait until you reach 100... Then you may think about it»,
    — So begins the book B. J. Wilcox about the genuine country of eternal youth — Okinawa. It is in this book that the secrets of the rising sun.

    Immortality, eternal youth
    and health — so powerful concept that in most cultures are present
    Myths and legends on this topic. For example, in the West, no story can
    Compare with a fictional James Hilton of Shangri La Country in his book «Lost
    horizon». In the 1930s, Shangri La Hilton — This is a paradise country in which
    You can get only through the gate in the eternal snow covered in the mountains of Tibet.
    Life expectancy is measured there in centuries, not decades. But how
    Only the inhabitants leave her — in a few moments are aging and dying.

    Shangri La Country Longs
    Hilton — fiction equally as a partly fiction — Our Caucasian
    Long-livers. In the study of long-livers of this region, a problem has been discovered
    — very few of them had a birth certificate. And although they
    Age confirmed gerontologist, Professor J. Pitzhelle, in Georgia until the 17th year
    There was no centralized birth registration system. ON records
    Baptishes in church books were the most reliable and valuable documents,
    which could confirm the true age of old people. But most churches in
    The region was destroyed, and only unreliable sources of information remained. Everything
    Subsequent studies of the elderly of the Caucasus confirmed that there are strong,
    Healthy people, but not a single statement about the exceptional longevity of this
    The people were not confirmed.

    Return to Okinawa.
    Among the population in 1.3 million. A person lives 400 long-livers aged 100
    years and older. T. E. 34 for every 100 thousand. Human. Many of them are healthy,
    retain activity and live independently. They found one of the keys to the eternal
    Health — the fact that there was always a search object in various cultures — secret
    eternal youth. Okinawa Island Life — This is a unique approach to
    Health and Life based on Eastern Traditions and Wisdom. It includes B
    ourselves the power of the inhabitants of the island, their approach to physical activity, their
    Mental and spiritual, reduced stress, practice and technical techniques directed
    To maintain it, as well as the successful maintenance of Eastern and Western systems
    Health. This is the authentic secret of Shangri La, the eternal countries
    youth. Okinawa residents — Powerful
    Conservation of health for life. Plant food diet,
    Low-calorie, rich in crude carbohydrates, not only answers
    Recommendations of the National Institute of US Cancer, but also exceeds them, and more
    What meets the criteria recommended by most scientific and authoritative medical
    organizations. It provides protection against most diseases associated with
    premature aging, including ischemic heart disease, cancer and
    stroke. And provides people to preserve slim figures and health for the whole
    a life. And do not come up with wild diets.

    Question: what to do?

    In order to always be in good shape,
    You need to eat less, more move, eat fruits, vegetables and wholegrain
    Products, if possible, exclude from the diet «ballast» Food, T. E. products
    With low nutritional value: refined sugar, confectionery with
    its high content, sweet non-alcoholic beverages, animal fats and t. D.
    I wonder what the recipe «eat less and move more» did not lose its relevance
    and now. Probably, this is the basis of my approach to the problem of excess weight. And in what
    My approach to this problem is myself?

    • Firstly,
      Initially, it is always important to understand the main causes of weight increases, t. E. understand
      In the so-called etiological factor. The success of treatment depends on the elimination
      Causes of weight increases. And therefore before starting to be treated, it is necessary in detail
      Examine to not harm the body and run all exchange systems
    • Secondly,
      I suggest a new way of work on myself and its weight — Joining path
      Mental and Physical, Soul and Body. This will get a stable
      The result of its self-improvement for many years.
    • Thirdly,
      I offer all the work on the creation of my physical body to divide on the main
      Stages: Stage «I'm losing weight» and stage «I do not get better».
    • AND,
      Finally, fourthly, each losing weight takes responsibility for his weight loss
      to myself. Everyone deliberately makes his choice.

    The secret of longevity is simple!

    Power culture

    Famous cardiologist E. AND. Chazov writes:
    «The secret of longevity is amazing enough! Enough to take care of yourself». BUT
    This means that we must control their health.

    Methods of such control are known
    centuries: physical culture, proper nutrition, the delicacy of excess and
    T. D. — All what is called a healthy lifestyle. But there is a discovery that
    significantly enriched this area of ​​knowledge, and I want to tell about him.

    At first it was a hypothesis expressed
    more than a hundred years ago ingenious and. AND. Mesnikov. He believed that aging
    associated with the accumulation of toxic substances in cell protoplasm and it happens
    Because their accumulation is ahead of removal. First, the hypothesis did not cause
    Interest of scientists. More than half a century passed when the professor is now a masting professor, and then
    Young scientist Yu. M. Levin engaged in experimental testing of the idea of ​​Mechnikov.

    We work closely with Yuri
    Markovich, and I quote that he himself speaks about this: «I thought
    what if you help the body clean this «intracellular dumping»? And began to look
    Required methods. Years of labor, and born the principle of impact, which
    Journalists called «Shower for cells».

    So this «Shower for cells» And there is an endoecological program
    Levin rehabilitation, which includes not only special individual
    meals but also a system of events that allow
    In the mode of a busy working body best free
    a person from those toxic elements that, accumulating, prevent him from keeping his health and extend
    Active youth. Upgrading the body
    scientific way, long-proven, long known, will allow in a new way
    take a look at the world, the surrounding, and keep everything that is — Health I
    love for yourself and peace.

    So, go ahead to «Reboot»!

    Why are we fat? Talk about food culture

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