• What is farsightedness
  • How to treat hyraidity

  • What is farsightedness

    Falcastness (hypermetropium) is a violation of vision in which
    man sees bad near and well enough. However, when
    high degree of ralline sick may well see and deleted

    Falcastness usually arises due to the fact that the eyeball has
    Incorrect shape, it is as if compressed along the longitudinal axis. As a result
    The image of the subject focuses not on the retina, but for it.

    Falnamest man can keep the text very close to the eyes,
    Because it increases the image of the text on the retina. but
    The image does not get better, it is simply increased. Patient often
    Pushed, trying to help accommodation (the ability of the eye to be adopted to different distances), which can contribute to the development of inflammation of the muzzle of the shell of the eye, along with a constant rash

    With long work near hypermetrops, complaints may arise
    on fatigue, pain in the eyes, headaches, tearing, burning in
    Eyes, tingling in the eyes. There may be unpleasant sensations when
    look at the light or intolerance of bright lighting. It is called
    Accommodative Asthenopia. Accommodative Asthenopia is expressed by the more,
    the greater the extent of hypertropy.

    Falnarity is three degrees and is determined by quantity
    diopters that lack the hypermetropic eye to become

    • Hypermetropy of a weak degree - up to 2.0 diopters
    • Middle Hummetropium - up to 4.0 diopters
    • Hypermetropia high degree - more than 4.0 diopters.

    With hypertropy of a weak eye with accommodation
    copes with his task. And with hypermetropy medium and high
    degree required correction and for Dali, and for close distances.

    How to treat hyraidity

    Unfortunately, therapeutic methods of treating hyperidity, as well as
    myopiasis currently does not exist. Correction of hyperopia
    produced with glasses or contact lenses. Radical
    Cure hypermetropia using a surgical operation.
    Surgical methods of hypermetropy correction are aimed at gain
    optical eye power to make the rays of light focus on
    Retid. Currently the most common surgical
    Operations for the treatment of hyperopia are laser
    thermal coatoplasty (LTK), replacement of transparent lens, Lasik,
    Implantation of a positive lens and thermo-coagulation (TKC).

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