Diagnosis «Porphyry» - Not a sentence


  • Diagnosis «Porphyry»: not to be confused with «Vampirism»
  • Porphyry will be defeated

  • Diagnosis «Porphyry»: not to be confused with «Vampirism»

    Legends about vampires, so attractive today for fans of the Gothic genre, have a real basis. People really exist in the world whose skin does not carry sunlight, their teeth look like fangs and painted in the colors of the ocher, nails on their hands and legs resemble claws of animals, and garlic causes a deadly allergic reaction. That's just these unfortunate are far from being so reckless, as it appears in fantasy novels and films about «Living dead man».

    Of course, it is not about those young people that they play vampire selflessly, follow the rule «White do not wear», worn on the chest sharpened sign «ANK», implanted fangs, and sometimes innocuous old women bite in narcotic fug. By the way, the last is not a joke. There is a case when a teenager killed two old people for the vampire ritual in the Kaliningrad region.

    Legends about living dead and perfumes wandering around at night and feeding with blood, there are practically all peoples. In the thumbs of the vampires appear as semi-confined monsters: soulless and not too smart.

    For example, in Slavic mythology there is a belief that Vurdalak will not get out of the grave if the grain is bold - until the morning he will recalculate the grains.

    Over time, the image has undergone transformation. Today's vampire, hero of books and movies, - the fatal handsome seductor, who has retained the distinctive features: Fear of the Sun, Fangs, the rejection of garlic and thirst for blood. During the heyday of Christianity, the legends of vampires were supplemented with such details like fear of holy water and a cross. «Children of night» remained legend from the area «I do not believe» As long as in 1963, British Dr. Lee Illis did not submit to the Royal Medical Society, stunning results of their research: Werewolved vampires of just the victims of genetic pathology - Porphyria!

    This is a rare disease (according to some data, one person suffers from 200 thousand) is expressed in the fact that the body does not produce red blood tales, the lack of oxygen and iron in the blood appears, as a result, hemoglobin decay begins under the influence of ultraviolet. Simply put, the patients begin allergic to the sun, blisters appear, ulcers, a fatal outcome is possible. In the later stages of Porphyria, inflammation leads to damage to the cartilage, nose deformation, ears, tendons.

    Human fingers curly, drying and tightening the skin around the mouth exposes the gums - while the protruding cutters acquire the color of the blood due to the deposits of the porphyrin on the teeth. Garlic, stimulating the production of blood cells in a healthy person, in Porfirika causes aggravation of symptoms. All this is accompanied by strong constant pains, so the picture is often aggravated by mental disabilities.

    By summing up all the symptoms, we get a portrait of a classic vampire from the legends, which were afraid of the centuries and destroyed. Only in France, about 30 thousand people recognized by Vurdalaks and Vervolfs on the grounds described by Illis in their monograph were executed by the middle of the XVP century. By the way, in 1994, the burial of the XI century was discovered in the Czech Republic with the remains of 13 people: with knitted hands, severed heads and aspen stakes in the chest. Such finds met around the world, the most later - about a century XV - is in Denmark.

    Porphyry will be defeated

    Diagnosis & laquo; Porphyria & raquo; - Not a sentencePorphyria - the disease is not contagious, and hereditary. If it is at least one of the parents, a child and a child will also be infected in 25 percent.

    Also among the causes of the occurrence of illness they call incest, transferred hepatitis C, and also… Alcohol abuse.

    There is information that in the Middle Ages suffering from Porphyria, they tried to heal with fresh blood, although it does not bring it very pointless, it does not bring relief.

    As Porphyria is still an incurable disease, then it is possible to talk about her treatment only very conditionally.
    Today, such patients make injections with blood preparations.

    - Unfortunately, in our country, they do not pay due attention to this issue, "says Yaroslav empty, Senior Researcher, Hematology Scientific Center, RAMS, Head of the Group on the Study and Treatment of Porphyria. - Unlike the West, we have neither specialists or powerful centers on this issue.

    However, there is a more optimistic look at this problem. Specialists argue: Genetic engineering will soon bury the most mysterious disease in the history of mankind - Porphyria. If it were not «Vampire disease», There would be no myths of anything about Dracula, nor about other drinking blood, fearing light, fanging characters. A series of experiments with DNA of some species of fish and mice has already been completed: congenital porphyry will be adjusted, and the acquired will be treated with the latest means. They still exist!

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