Cytomegalovirus infection or salivary gland disease


  • Cytomegalovirus
  • The causes of cytomegalovirus infection

  • Cytomegalovirus

    Cytomegalovirus - one more representative of the familiar family of herpes virus group.

    As the prevalence in nature, he almostIt differs from herpes simplex virus. At least, this infection researchers are convinced that in 50 years all the people infected with cytomegalovirus.

    That's the first interesting fact: 100% of the world population are infected with cytomegalovirus, but with a high degree of probability we can conclude that 99% of the readers of this book the first time they hear (read) about this disease.

    Much of what we were talking aboutHerpes virus is equally true of the cytomegalovirus - the same penetration into the cells and the same more or less long period of "peaceful" coexistence, without any attempt to cause disease.

    The causes of cytomegalovirus infection

    Cytomegalovirus infection or salivary gland disease Normal human immune system is quitesuccessfully cope with cytomegalovirus. But ... The development of human civilization constantly leads to growth is often rapid growth of the factors that negatively affect the immune system.

    This and numerous methods of treating (hormones,radiation therapy, immunodepressants with organ transplants, chemotherapy, cancer patients, broad-spectrum antibiotics), and illness (AIDS is still the same), and ecology. We are not talking about the stress, lack of vitamins, malnutrition. All these factors lead to the fact that the human immune system is no longer coping with cytomegalovirus, a disease caused by them are found more and more often.

    The virus is transmitted from person to person with a veryclose contacts. The fact that the virus is contained in all the precipitates in all environments and the human body - saliva, sputum, blood, feces, urine, semen, milk. Connection to either of these environments leads to infection. But the fact of the adult human infection have no symptoms.

    The relevance of cytomegalovirus infection is,first of all, that the virus is transmitted from a pregnant woman to the fetus and can cause failure of the child in utero with the occurrence in the future of certain malformations, serious violations of the nervous system, hearing and sight. The surviving fetus may become infected during birth (birth canal contact with mucus), or immediately after birth (breast milk). In this case, the disease can be similar in its symptoms to infectious mononucleosis.

    Thus, the disease can be congenital - is always very seriously, and purchased - it is usually a nuisance, which manages to escape without much terrible consequences.

    The main thing to know about congenital cytomegalovirus infection: primary, depending on the individual method of prevention - the presence of normal immunity in pregnant women.

    The woman:

    • not being in constant fear for their future and their children's future;
    • tracking their health;
    • having the opportunity to fully eat;
    • Do not yank on the spree knows where her husband;
    • existing in the normal prosperous country - from a woman enough immune system to develop antibodies to cytomegalovirus, which is enough for the woman herself and her unborn child.

    Tactics of treatment of cytomegalovirus infection is almostsimilar to that in HSV infection. Is that drugs that are active is cytomegalovirus (ganciclovir blood cells) - is even more expensive than acyclovir.

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