Treatment of climatic tide


  • Changing lifestyle and habits
  • Deep breathing
  • Fitness
  • Hormone therapy (estrogen reception)
  • Reception of drugs that do not contain estrogen
  • Vitamin E reception

  • Changing lifestyle and habits

    To reduce frequency and intensity
    tides, doctors recommend somewhat changing lifestyle. First of all, you need
    Determine the factors affecting the frequency and strength of the tides, and as far as possible
    try to exclude them. These factors include alcoholic consumption
    drinks, coffee and beverages containing caffeine, staying in the sun and t.NS. Try
    Wear light and loose clothes and exclude fatty food from diet. Eat more
    Fresh fruits and vegetables. Stress at work and house aggravates the power of the tides,
    Therefore, women of menopausal age are recommended to practice technicians
    relaxation, such as yoga and meditation, helping to effectively remove stress.

    Deep breathing

    According to some studies, deep
    Abdominal (diaphragmal) breathing helps adjust the intensity of tides.
    Doctors recommend performing such a breathing exercise: at least twice in
    day for fifteen-twenty minutes breathe with a frequency of six to eight
    inhale-exhale per minute.


    Regular byTreatment of climatic tidenitsi fitness (half hour training how
    at least five times a week) help effectively control the frequency and
    Intensity of tides. Rational physical exertion reduce blood content
    Some hormones affecting the producing ovarian estrogen and progesterone.

    Although, despite all your efforts to lead a healthy lifestyle, the waiver of smoking
    and alcohol, frequency and the strength of the tide does not decrease, they prevent you from working and
    normally communicate with others, consult a gynecologist - it is necessarily
    Putting the right treatment. Perhaps in this case, the course of hormonal therapy should be held. It is important to remember that the existing drugs are not
    Healing tides, but only give temporary relief and reduce unpleasant
    Symptoms, reducing the frequency of tides or their duration.

    In some cases, tides
    disappear in the process of treatment and appear again when you stop accepting
    medicine. This is due to the fact that it is difficult to predict the duration
    tides and their intensity. To avoid re-appearing of tides after
    stopping medication, gynecologist can recommend gradual
    Reducing the dose of the drug so that the discontinuation of the medication has passed less
    Noticeable for the body.

    Hormone therapy (estrogen reception)

    With absence
    Contraindications This is the most
    The preferred form of treatment of tides. Hormonal therapy does not allow immediate
    effect, its action appears only
    after a few months. There are several estrogen-based preparations,
    Of which the gynecologist will choose the most suitable for you, considering the symptoms
    Klimaks, Other Diseases and General Health. Estrogen also reduces
    Other symptoms and signs of Klimaks, including insomnia, dryness in
    vagina, forgetfulness or inability to concentrate, and also helps
    eliminate the problems of the genitour.

    Reception of drugs that do not contain estrogen

    Most women
    relief brings estrogen. If estrogen is contraindicated or causes serious
    adverse reactions, doctor can recommend drugs that do not contain estrogen.
    Usually, progressines are recommended to reduce the frequency and intensity of tides

    Severe two main types of progestins:
    Medoski-progesterone acetate (MPA) and Megesterol Acetate (MA). MPa can be taken orally or intramuscularly
    (Injection in hand or buttocks). The main side effect of MPa - anomalous
    menstruation. With oral welcome, side effects appear weaker. Decrease
    The frequencies and strength of the tide usually occurs on the third month after the start of reception
    MPa. Oral Megestrol Acetate (MA) less often causes anomalous menstruation or development
    depression, so it is preferable to the treatment of tides.

    Clonidine, another drug, not
    containing estrogen, prescribed to reduce high blood pressure. He
    narrows the blood vessels of the skin responsible for tides. Klonidin especially
    effectively copes with the regulation of tides in women suffering
    Hypertension. The main side effect of the klonidin - a feeling of dry mouth.
    Easy nausea, headache, fatigue and dizziness are not excluded.

    Taking vitamin


    Some studies
    show that the reception of food additives vitamin E helps reduce
    Frequency and intensity of menopausal tides. However, to determine
    the effectiveness of this type of treatment and the type of women for which this treatment is the most
    Further research is needed. It is important to remember that inseparable
    Application of vitamin E can harm health. Vitamin E -
    fat-soluble vitamin, so over time it accumulates in the body, and
    Excess vitamin E can damage health.

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