Diffuse liver changes


Diffuse liver changes
Liver — The greatest iron of the human body capable
self-set and neutralize harmful substances, keep vitamins and
produce energy glucose. This body is truly indispensable: still not
There is an artificial substitute, and without the liver, a person can live no more
five days.

Diffuse Changes Liver Parenchima — Changes in the tissue itself. Normal
The hepatic fabric is weaklyohenna and homogeneous, it is clearly visible in it
bile ducts and vessels. Diffuse changes in the liver of varying degrees can
lead to serious health problems, so it is necessary in a timely manner
Consult with a hepatologist and hold a number of ultrasound (are investigated the same
duodenal gauge, biliary ducts and pancreas).

Types and signs of diffuse liver changes

Signs of diffuse liver changes include constant butterflow in the right
hypochondrium (can give on the right shoulder), yellowish shade scler, leather around the eyes
and language. Development of diffuse changes due to alcoholism,
viral hepatitis and helminths and the simplest in the liver.

Diffuse liver changes:

  • Hepatitis (acute and chronic form) — Characterized by increased liver
    shares and roundness of the regions of the body;
  • cirrhosis — Violation of the valid structure of the organ, replacement of Parenhim fabric
    Stroma (fibrous cloth), the edges are uneven, bug, characterized by a decrease
    the right lobe of the liver with alcoholic cirrhosis;
  • Fatty dystrophy — It is typical for fat in the shares of the liver;
  • Portal Hypertension — arises due to blood flow violations;
  • fibrosis — The growth of the connective tissue due to the accumulation of extracellular

The appearance of foci with increased or reduced echogenicity leads hemosiderosis
and Galaktosemia, Willebrand's disease and a number of metabolic disorders. At
Smallocopy liver lesions need to conduct differential diagnostics
(puncture biopsy).

Treatment of diffuse liver changes

For successful outcome of treatment, consult a gastroenterologist or
hepatologist. Due to the fact that diffuse changes may accompany various
Diseases must be diagnosed in a timely manner and plan
Individual therapy. First you need to eliminate the presence of parasites,
toxic substances and normalize the work of the digestive tract. Relatively
Medicinal preparations, successfully showed immunosuppressants, hepatoprotectors
and immunomodulators.

Sick hepatitis must be carefully taken to the problem of diffuse
liver changes: severe poisoning can cause a liver to whom, and therefore,
Possible fatal outcome. Patients with chronic hepatitis are prescribed diet,
Basically, NO5 on Pessner (protein and vitaminized food). Have to
eliminate the use of oily and fried food, alcohol and avoid different
Inxications. If there is a liver cirrhosis, it is better to limit physical exertion
(perhaps even the appointment of beddown) and also abide by the diet. Among
Cirrhosis drugs can be distinguished by essential, castle and glutamic acid.
Treatment timely started — Pledge of successful result.

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