Why jaundice arises?


  • How to identify the cause of jaundice?
  • Clinical manifestations of jaundice at various diseases

  • How to identify the cause of jaundice?

    The following studies must be carried out:

    • Blood analysis
    • Urine analysis on bilirubin
    • Uzi liver and bile ducts
    • Radiographic study of the chest to eliminate metastases in the lungs.

    After that, you need to analyze the following factors:

    • The profession of the patient (possibly associated with alcohol or toxic substances)
    • Whether the patient visited foreign countries?
    • Contact with patients with viral hepatitis.
    • There is no tendency to use drugs? Leading in sexual relationships?
    • Was there a blood transfusion recently?
    • What medicines took the patient?

    Clinical manifestations of jaundice at various diseases

    Why does jaundice arise?With acute hepatitis: The liver increases, the drop in body weight does not occur.

    With acute viral hepatitis: Income, general ailment, inflammatory phenomena in the upper respiratory tract, nausea and vomiting, abdominal pain.

    In chronic hepatitis: The appearance of white spots on the plates of nails, the patient complains of weight loss, swelling, changes in the liver.

    Liver failure: characteristic sweetly smell from mouth.

    Cholestatic jaundice causes a change in feces, fever, chills.

    Jaundice can also be a sign of the presence of gallbladder stones.

    It happens the same «False jaundice».
    After taking a large number of carrot or pumpkin juice, we
    often scared, looking in the mirror. «False jaundice» Easy to distinguish from
    This: in the serum Bilirubin is in the limit of normal

    Important moment: when «False jaoled» do not stain eye proteins.

    Jaundice newborns – may be
    physiological state that does not require treatment. But for children
    Doctors establish increased control, conduct research to
    eliminate disease.

    After clarifying the reasons for the jaundice of the patient, the necessary treatment is discharged. Often the disease requires hospitalization of the patient.

    Therefore, immediately refer to the doctor when the jaundice occurs, it may be a signal of severe disease!

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