A few words about leptospirosis


  • Leptospirosis
  • Symptoms of leptospirosis
  • Diagnosis and treatment of leptospirosis

  • Leptospirosis

    Leptospirosis is a group of infectious diseases caused by leptospirms (Leptospira Interrogans) - minorganisms from the spirochet family. A variety of subtypes of leptospyr, capable of causing diseases in humans.

    The most famous leptospirosis are:

    • syndrome
      Vaila (Vale-Vasilyeva's disease, jaundice leptospirosis), named
      named German scientist a.Vaila describing the pathogen in 1886,
      and Russian scientist.NS. Vasilyeva (1888);
    • Water fever (rigorous leptospirosis), whose pathogen was opened in 1928 by the Soviet scientist with.AND. Tarasov.

    Many wild and domestic animals are found, some of which
    are its carriers and excrete bacteria with urine.

    particular source of yellow leptospirosis in nature are rats,
    And the aquatic fever is small miley rodents, as well as sheep, goats,
    Pigs and cattle. Therefore, leptospirosis is
    Professional disease workers of agricultural farms
    and scott, deratizers and t.D.

    Infection is possible when bathing in polluted water.

    Most often outbreaks of leptospirosis occur at the later summer and early autumn.

    Symptoms of leptospirosis

    A few words about leptospirosis
    The period is from 2 to 20 days. The disease begins with increasing
    Temperatures, headaches, strong pain in the muscles, especially
    ionic, chills.

    In 10-15% of cases, cough develops, sometimes with blood. For 3-4 days, acute epidemic conjunctivitis is developing.

    and temperature rise to 38-39°With continue up to 4-9 days. Then
    The temperature decreases, but it is again between 6 and 12 days of the disease
    rises. At this time, brain-shell inflammation develops -
    meningitis that can go to whom.

    In case of waila syndrome -
    Heavy form of leptospirosis - a decrease in blood coagulation,
    what can lead to heavy bleeding. On the 3-6th day develops
    Liver damage (therefore the disease got the name of the jaundice
    leptospirosis), spleen and kidneys, which is accompanied by the appearance of blood
    In the urine (hematuria).

    In a pregnant woman, leptospirosis can lead to miscarriage.

    Diagnosis and treatment of leptospirosis

    Conducted by sowing blood, urine or cerebrospinal fluid.
    However, since the leptospiirs on nutritional environments grow slowly,
    Etode method suitable only for retrospective diagnostics. Quicker
    The answer gives an analysis on antibodies against blood leptospir. Great
    The value in the diagnosis has a clinical picture and epidemiological

    Antibiotics prescribed for treatment,
    Disinfection therapy. Control blood coagulation, functions
    internal organs. In the insulation of patients there is no need because
    from person to man leptospirosis is not transmitted.

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