Ebola Fever Distribution Area


Ebola Fever Distribution Area
Ebola's fever virus has become the object of attention of the whole world,
Starting from January 2014. To change past «horror troops» — bird and pork
influenza and atypical pneumonia — New came «old friend».

In 1976, in African Sudan and Zaire for the first time
Revealed several hundred cases of nosocomial infection that led to
Mass death of sick crude. At the same time, one of the patients was allocated
Virus, named Ebola (by the name of the river, near which the patient lived).

It was later found out that natural foci in which
Is the pathogen, are located only in the countries of the African continent
between 10 degrees north and 10 — south of the equator. Data permanent
Specified, and now we can talk about a fairly wide spread of Ebola fever:

  • Congo;
  • Sudan;
  • Gabon;
  • Cat D’Ivoire;
  • Uganda.

Flash of 2014 forced scientists to expand representation
About the area of ​​infection, including Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinea, Mali and Senegal.

Europe in panic: Ebola virus spreads around the world

It is likely that soon WHO will announce a new pandemic,
Threatening humanity. According to the latest data, the virus has already spread
The limits of the African continent and got into Europe.

Development of air transport and weak epidemiological control
Most airports in the world are the reasons for infected people
Theoretically, causative agent can be brought to any country in the world. Quite possibly
Development of the worst scenario, a worthy pen of fiction writers in the genre
«Apocalypse». Moreover, the treatment of this terrible disease is not yet, although
Work on the development of vaccine is carried out in reinforced pace.

However, swine flu also threatened humanity, and in the end
Pandemic burst, like a soap bubble, only allowing to get rich
Pharmaceutical companies. There are such chances of Ebola fever.

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