Horse treats cerebral palsy, sclerosis and prostatitis!


  • How and from what a horse treats
  • I — upstairs
  • Horse instead of pills?
  • Kings — Patolers of hippotherapy

  • IN essence, hippotherapy nothing but a form
    Therapeutic physical education (LFC), where as a tool of rehabilitation
    Speakers horse. You can call it a unique living simulator.

    How and from what a horse treats

    Hippotherapy is truly universal. She allows children, and adults to cope with such diseases asThe horse treats cerebral palsy, sclerosis and prostatitis!

    • Violation of posture;
    • The first stage of the arthrosis of the joints;
    • chronic prostatitis;
    • Cerebral palsy;
    • multiple sclerosis;
    • neurosis;
    • ZPR;
    • Status after strokes;
    • Some gynecological diseases;
    • prevention of prostate adenoma;
    • Afteravary state.

    how can the results succeed, which sometimes not under
    Power of official medicine? Scientists found that the horse passes
    rider per minute about a hundred oscillatory impulses. Complex movements
    Horse back muscles massage legs and small pellets of man.
    Rhythmic shaking useful for those who have lost walking skills.

    In the border, special programs for therapeutic
    Horse riding to combat obesity and cellulite. Moreover, since
    The temperature of the horse for one and a half or two degrees is higher than the temperature
    man gets peculiar «Heated massage». For a long time
    It has been proven that during riding in full force is beginning to work
    lungs, blood, muscles; The brain is enriched with oxygen. Due to
    This effect is even developed by special rehabilitation programs
    patients who have suffered heart attacks and strokes.

    The horse stimulates the development of small motility, promotes
    formation of complex accurate movements. There is a comparison: «Horse
    ride is similar to drawing four paintings at the same time: the rider is forced to
    Move turns moving with both hands and legs». This most important effect
    hippotherapy can not be achieved by any other motor
    methods of treatment (!).

    I — upstairs

    Improvement of physical condition, communication with horse and horse riding
    Allows you to remove stress. Horse behavior is quite predictable.
    It means that it gives a feeling of stability, and this is a feeling — The basis for
    Removing fears in children.

    ensures the development of its own significance and force when the patient with
    limited physical ability to get rid of the disabled
    Chairs or crutches and can move on a powerful animal,
    ruffle. In addition, the horse is riding on the horse
    Winning: «I'm upstairs, and they are down». Therefore, it is horses
    Used to improve self-assessment of people and removal of depression.

    Health Organization has long acknowledged that hippotherapy
    really facilitates life and disabled children, and their parents.
    Because it is probably the only kind of treatment when
    The patient may not guess what is treated, and therefore
    Resists, but on the contrary wants to do and communicate with a horse. Children
    Immediately see a friend in the animal (the dog, and that the parents are not always
    you will interrogate, and here is a whole horse!) and riding a horse becomes playing.
    Played with your favorite beast, and at the same time, as if, by the way, and
    — No strain, solid positive emotions.

    Horse instead of pills?

    The main thing is that this method — non-macometallic, it does not have side
    Effects, in contrast to numerous expensive drugs.

    Of course,
    this is not a panacea from all diseases. One hippotherapy is unable to solve everything
    Problems at once. We need a whole complex of treatment. Moreover, when
    An illiterate approach is able to harm.

    Now about contraindications:

    • inexplicable fear of the animal of the child;
    • Allergy to wool;
    • violation of human skin integrity;
    • Acute inflammatory infectious diseases.

    any case, before doing hippotherapy, you need
    Consult a doctor. Sneakly sometimes hear stories about The horse treats cerebral palsy, sclerosis and prostatitis!volume,
    that doctors sometimes do not even know about such a method.

    Kings — Patolers of hippotherapy

    in the 5th century BC.NS. Hippocrat advised to ride melancholic,
    Since it frees a person from «Dark thoughts» And causes «thoughts
    Cheerful and clear». And Caucasian horse riding horses are already treated

    The former champion of Denmark on dressage
    Ill poliomyelitis. She has paralyzed legs, and weakened hand. Across
    nine years she again became the winner at the Titing Competitions
    Olympic Games in Helsinki. This feat inspired thousands of patients
    People and all over the world began to create sections of therapeutic riding.
    In 1953 in Denmark «Four-legged therapists» appear in the first center
    Horse riding for disabled children.

    Now in 45
    countries of Europe and North America created centers of therapeutic riding
    ride. And in the Netherlands, Sweden and the UK this method
    is under the patronage of royal families. Only in Poland
    Created about 30 such institutions.

    In our
    the country this method appeared only at the beginning of the nineties and for 20 years
    later than in the west. Literally one decade passed, and we already
    What are not inferior to foreign colleagues.

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