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    What dystrophyDystrophy arises and develops as a result of exposure to "environmental factors on the child's body (care errors, malnutrition, frequent disease).

    Clinic. The main clinical signs of degeneration are: changes in body weight; psychomotor retardation; dyspepsia; decreased immunity.

    In most cases, the body weightdystrophy lowered, and a sharp but may increase it. Excessive increase in the weight curve is observed in cases of dystrophy, caused primarily carbohydrate diet, with significant water retention. Degree of weight reduction can be varied until a sharp lag. The more severe metabolic disorders, the sharper the change in weight, the higher the degree of degeneration.

    Macular degeneration is usually a negative impact on psychomotor development of the child: children are sluggish, lethargic reaction to the surroundings is reduced.

    dystrophy Treatment

    Given that the degeneration often occurs asthe result of improper feeding of the child, first of all it is necessary to regulate the food mode. This issue is solved relatively simply. When dystrophy that develops due to lack of carbohydrates (when overfed milk) or with a predominantly carbohydrate diet, simply add the missing ingredients (carbohydrates in breast overfeeding, proteins and fats with carbohydrates excess). If you have to watch dystrophy due to hypovitaminosis, include a mandatory diet and vitamins.

    When dystrophy infectious origin is the main treatment for the particular disease and the role of nutritional therapy is reduced to stimulate the body's defenses.

    Particular care should be to determine the amount of foodand its caloric value in the third degree dystrophy when vital functions drastically reduced, digestion and assimilation of nutrients strongly violated in such cases, the addition of the amount of food and a change in its composition must be carried out gradually, but it is always necessary to consider the risk of starvation and not to allow it.

    By assigning a child suffering from dystrophy,health food, we can not forget about the introduction of a sufficient amount of fluid required to maintain water balance, especially at a time of limited food intake. Enter dietary vitamins A, C, B complex is necessary.

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