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    What is dystrophyDystrophy occurs and develops as a result of the influence of 'adverse environmental factors on the child's body (care errors, defective nutrition, frequent diseases).

    Clinic. The main clinical signs of dystrophy are: changing body weight; retreat of psychomotor development; dyspeptic disorders; Reducing immunity.

    In the overwhelming majority of cases, the body weight in dystrophy is lowered, but it is possible to sharp increases. Excessive increase in the weight curve is observed in cases of dystrophy caused mainly by carbohydrated power, with a significant water delay in the body. The degree of weight loss may be different, up to a sharp lag. The harder impairment of metabolic processes, the sharper changes in weight, the higher the degree of dystrophy.

    Dystrophy is usually negatively affected by the psychomotor development of the child: such children are sluggish, larger, the reaction to the surrounding reduced.

    Distrophy Treatment

    Considering that dystrophy often arises as the result of the wrong feeding of the child, first of all, it is necessary to streamline its food regime. This issue is permitted relatively simply. With dystrophy, developing due to a lack of carbohydrates (when crossing milk) or with predominantly carbohydrate food, it is enough to add the missing ingredients (carbohydrates with milk corporate, proteins and fats in excess carbohydrates). If you have to observe the dystrophy as a result of hypovitaminosis, include vitamins in the mandatory diet.

    In case of dystrophy of infectious origin, the treatment of the appropriate disease is basic, and the role of therapeutic nutrition is reduced to stimulating the body's protective forces.

    Especially carefully to determine the amount of food and its caloric content for the third degree of dystrophy, when life functions are sharply reduced, digestion and digestibility of nutrients are very violated, in such cases the addition of food and change its composition should be made gradually, but it is always necessary to take into account the danger of starvation and not to allow it.

    Assigning a child suffering from dystrophy, therapeutic nutrition, one cannot forget about the introduction is enough of the amount of fluid, maintain the necessary water balance, especially during the period of limited meals. Enter with food vitamins A, C, complex in necessarily.

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