Vegeta dystonia - disease of our time


  • You may know these symptoms
  • What are the trigger mechanisms for the development of vegetative dysfunction?
  • Recommendations for the treatment of vegetative dysfunctions

  • You may know these symptoms

    • headache;
    • weakness;
    • fatigue;
    • feeling of lack of air;
    • chills or feeling of heat;
    • dizziness;
    • Feeling fading and stopping heart.

    All these symptoms – The result of imperfection of vegetative mechanisms,
    Consequence of vegetative dysfunction. Vegetative regulation disorders
    It is suggested that there are no damage in the internal organs,
    Violated only the activities of these organs or systems.

    This is such a failure in the mechanisms of vegetative regulation and is customary «Vegeta dystonia».Vegeta dystonia - disease of our time

    Now this disease is very common, and in much
    More among citizens than among rural residents.
    This is explained by the fact that before people behaved the lifestyle forcing them
    Substitute significant physical exertion: physical work, walking on
    long distances, carrying weights.…

    Even homework is not
    It was easily ease: women were washed by hand, and men sterling firewood.
    All this concluded a positive moment – Trained I
    Vegetative organism regulation was strengthened.

    Vegetative nervous system manages the work of the internal organs.
    Her destination – help the body adapt to changeable
    Environmental conditions. Naturally, the greenhouse life in which
    Mindness is losing little, with its steady decline
    physical exertion leads to the unbalance of vegetative

    Poor environmental situation, urbanization, increasing training
    Load, insufficient motor activity, unhealthy passion
    TV or computer – Here are the reasons for vegetodistonia
    begins to collect his abundant harvest among schoolchildren average
    Age. And already 20–40% of high school students are marked typical symptoms
    «Vegetative storm».

    What are the trigger mechanisms for the development of vegetative dysfunction?

    First of all it is heredity. Equally important is also
    Mother pregnancy course and childbirth. Stress, load, generic
    Injuries – All this can not but affect the health of the child. Play your own
    The role and personal characteristics of the patient: impressionability, anxiety,
    Expassuality, the desire to avoid conflict situations,
    Next to constant control of your life.

    Traumatic situations and life circumstances also affect
    Development of vegetative disorders. It may be, for example, excessive
    rigor of parents, lack of love and emotional security in

    It is very important that patients belong to a vegetative dystonia
    reasonably, correctly understood the essence of the disease, its causes and opportunities

    Recommendations for the treatment of vegetative dysfunctions

    • Full sleep, calm and sufficient duration.
    • Time restriction «Communication» with computer and tv.
    • Exception from the diet of coffee, strong tea, spices.
    • Reasonable alternation of labor and recreation: breaks in work, accounting for their biorhythms, phased performance.
    • Water procedures: Contrast shower, sauna.
    • Reflexotherapy, Massage, Medical Physical Culture.
    • Drug
      funds. Since vegetodistonia has different manifestations, then
      medicines used in this disease, also large
      amount. Recently, widespread so
      Called vegetable stabilizing tranquilizers. Of course, the choice
      The drug and its dosage determines the attending physician.

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