Mate is delicious and useful


    If you ask anyone what drink he prefers to drink during the day, then most likely hear in response «tea» or «coffee». We no longer think of yourself without these drinks, they have long become traditional, without exaggeration, for any country.

    And the most amazing the fact that recently they have serious competitors! One of them is the rapidly gaining popularity of tea Mate. Meanwhile, this drink has long been known and love in Latin America and now just conquers new fans around the world.

    Meet Mate

    Mate is delicious and usefulActually, if it is strictly judged, then Mate tea is neither whim. If tea is the leaves of a tea bush, then Mate is the leaves and stalks of the evergreen plants of Paduba Paraguayan. This is a branchy tree-like shrub with a smooth whitish bark, which in the wild grows up to 15 meters high. But on the plantations, these trees are cutting off to form neat bushes up to two meters high to ease later the collection of young shoots.

    This plant is common in the rural of Paraguay, South Brazil and part of Argentina. Botany belong to Holly, Pharmacists call the Mate Folium plant, and the orthonous inhabitants of Selva, the Indians of Kechua and Guarani - Ka-A.

    Mate Lee Yerba - this is the name of the beverage itself obtained from the shrub. Scientists have not yet come to a single opinion on the first or second syllable words to put emphasis, so it is permissible to pronounce «Mate» and «Mate». True, true connoisseurs recognize the emphasis only on the first syllable, as they say in Latin America, in the homeland of Yerba.

    In a good mate, dust must be present, which serves as an indicator of the right drying, small pieces of stems and brittle sheets. Of course, Ideally, Yerba Mate must be packaged in place, that is, immediately in Latin America. So buying Paraguayan tea, pay attention to this.

    History of ancient drink

    According to the legend of Flylook, which is already amazing for Latin America!) and the Siegyglase God of Paiya Sharum (or Payaya Noise for other versions) with his retinue traveled and stopped for the night in the hut, lost in the forests. The hosts, a deep old man and his incomparable beauty daughter, gave them all their scantuses.

    For this Paiya Sharum thanked the old man. Having learned that he hides his daughter from people, he promised to turn her into a plant, endowed with magical properties that would love the whole world. So it appeared ka-a, the leaves of which gave the strength and healed diseases.

    Composition Mate

    Mate is delicious and usefulMate has a truly unique composition. In this drink, the striking amount of vitamins and trace elements, it really has amazing healing properties. According to scientists from the Paris Institute of Pasteur and the Paris Scientific Society, it contains vitamins A, C, E, P, all vitamins of group B (and at a concentration of more than in the uterine bee honey!), magnesium, calcium, iron, copper, sulfur, nicotinic acid, pantothenic acid and much more.

    Yerba Mate contains Mateen, which, being similar to caffeine, is deprived of its side effects, such as high heartbeat, tremor and nervous trembling.

    Mateeine - a stimulator of both the physical and mental activity of a person, with a soft action and not causing. He helps a person to stay fresh, assembled, and also causes a dive into a deeper sleep. So if you need to sleep well for a small amount of time: Drink Mate.

    Paraguayan tea significantly reduces the manifestations of depression, neurosis, disturbing syndromes, regulates the sleep cycle. Many scientists note the immunostimulating effect of the beverage and even insist on its use by residents of large cities, t.To. Oxygen and chlorophyll contained in mate help blood cleaning.

    In addition to this incredible combination of vitamins and trace elements, the mate increases the level of high-density lipoproteins in the blood, which means an increase in HDL-cholesterol (in the surprise «Good cholesterol»). At the same time, scientists note a noticeable decrease in the very «Poor», LDL-cholesterol. It is this mechanism that serves as the best prevention of cardiovascular diseases and certain types of oncologies.

    There is only one thing in all «but»: At the request of the Institute of Oncology Montevideo (the capital of Uruguay), the use of hot mat is recognized «Perhaps carcinogenic». It is believed that the use of hot drink can lead to the oncology of the esophagus. However, justice for the sake of, it is necessary to add that thermal damage to the esophagus, which can lead to cancerous diseases, can be called not only overly hot mate.

    So there is a solution: do not drink mate at the temperature of the molten metal, as they do in Paraguay.

    Brew mate

    Mate is delicious and usefulOf course, you can just throw a powder into a cup, brew it with hot water, plumbing sugar, stir and drink. But then, in addition to the danger of guaranteed fainting, all the connoisseurs of drink, you risk once and forever not to evaluate the taste of Mate.

    Correctly drink Mate from special dishes - Calabas (Calabas, Kalabas names are allowed) through a metal tube bombilla (or bombing). Classical Calebas is a little bitching pumpkin.

    But at present, apart from pumpkin are made wooden, metal and even plastic Calebas. The bombing tube is always made of metal, stainless steel or silver, although a long time ago and tubes were just hollow plants stems. Bomobilla, straight or curved, but it always ends more flat, compared to the rest of the tube, and a wide pitchfork.

    Experts say that you can not immediately buy Calebas and, just come home, drink from it. First, the dishes must be prepared. Guru «Mateness» Conduct complex cleaning with cane vodka, brandy or coal. But for beginners we will advise the easiest way to clean. In Calabas, fall asleep the mate, about 2/3 of the volume of the vessel. Fill with hot water, but in no case boiling!

    Not covered, leave Calebas for the day, and then pour infusion and carefully, preferably a soft cloth clean Calabas.
    But the packaging is prepared, you can start cooking. So, in Calebas, put the powder of Yerba Mate your chosen species, which is now a great set, from classic to strawberry or lemon. Fall asleep on a 2/3 of Calebas volume, close it with her palm and shake slightly. Now the large fractions are faltered on the bottom.

    Tilt Calebas so that all the welding carefully looked at one wall. Now insert into the emptiness under the other wall bombing and smoothly return Calebas to a vertical position. After that, hot, but not boiling water (the perfect temperature of 70-80 degrees) carefully pour welding, but not completely, but to the level of intersection of powder and bombillion. At the same time, the hole of the bombing must be plugged with a finger so that the cutting particles do not fall into the tube.

    Give a moment for a minute, another that the welding is completely moistened and slightly pressed, and then carefully draw water to almost the top Calabas. In the process of brewing, Mate bombillion do not shift and do not stir her to welcome!

    We drink Mate

    Mate drink, brewing the same portion of powder literally to loss of taste. It is said that the most delicious mate after the fourth brewing. Optionally, you can add sugar or a molasses to drink, milk or ice, you can even cook mate. True, then a special jar for cooking, ward.

    If you drink mate rarely, then after using the vessel, wash it and bombed and put Calebas with the neck down to water free glass on the walls. And if Mate drinks every day, then Calebas can not be washed, but only rinse, keep wet, additionally subordinate to each weld.

    Mate - a tasty and peculiar drink with undoubted healing properties. We recommend that you definitely try Paraguayan tea and draw up your own opinion. And, perhaps, this drink will even be able to let down from its position the familiar tea and coffee!

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