Urinotherapy - Placebo or Panacea?


Urinotherapy & ndash; Placebo or Panacea?Traditional science does not recognize urinatherapy as an effective way of treating the body. However, it does not deny its healing effect, without challenging the experience of many people who write about how they cured with urinotherapy various dermatoses, allergies and inflammation. True, agrees with one important reservation: Most likely, doctors say, therapeutic effect of urinotherapy — Placebo. Faith has always been and will be healing.

According to science, urine use in medicinal purposes is a significant health hazard. Even the urine of a healthy person contains substances like urea, creatinine, uric acid, ammonia and others, which, accumulating, can cause serious poisoning. In the urine of the patient, in addition to the above, acetone, salts of heavy metals, pathogenic bacteria and other pathological impurities are found.

Despite the information about numerous cases of urine poisoning, there are and opposite data — About cure with urinotherapy. This is what people who apply urine as an alternative to cosmetics and medicines.

Irina, 28 years old: I had a negative attitude towards urinotherapy until I had tried. My hair fell out terribly, I tried everything, nothing helped until I was advised to make masks with urine. I did them for the night, and in the morning soap my head. A month later, the hair became strong, thick and shiny. Would never believe if he had not tried herself.

Yuri, 22 years old: I had terrible warts on the fingers of the hands around the nails. On the advice of a friend a few days, soap hands Urina, and the warts disappeared!

Tatiana, 36 years old: It is true that Urina affects the complexion of the face and on the skin condition. Small wrinkles under the eyes, freckles,
dark spots — Everything disappears. The complexion becomes lighter and even. And just — wipe the face with cotton waders with urine instead of tonic...

Other urinotherapy practitioners are told about wonderful cancer cure, and also give examples of how treatment urinis is successfully used in collagencies, rheumatism, neurodermatitis, eczema, various allergic conditions and many other diseases.

Urinotherapy & ndash; Placebo or Panacea?The famous TV presenter Andrei Malakhov, who adheres to the principles of a healthy lifestyle, very positively responded about the activities of its no less popular namesake Gennady Malakhov, whose book «Biorhythmology and urinotherapy» caused a huge resonance in society.

Another public person, actor Nikita Dzhigurd, practiced urinotherapy and called on everyone to be treated with urine. However, warned Jigurd, «No need to engage in self-medication, everything must be done under the supervision of a doctor». And it is under these words of the famous actor we subscribe without remorse.

Since independent and uncontrolled treatment of urinous is fraught with poisoning, infection of blood, damage in the internal organs, exacerbation of ulcer of stomach, colitis and enterocolites, contact the doctor! If you are pretty the idea of ​​urinotherapy, if you believe or know that this method of alternative medicine can heal you, do not be lazy to spend time consulting a good doctor.

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