Wrinkles on the face will tell about diseases


He tells the doctor of pharmaceutical sciences Naila Nasybullina:

The face in wrinkles does not necessarily indicate a difficult life. Part
wrinkles is transmitted by inheritance. There are wrinkles related
exclusively with the peculiarities of our character. Maybe heavy
tests for a fraction of a person did not fall, and with health everything is in order, and
He reacts so violently to all household trivia and minor problems,
that all his face is literally littered with small wrinkles.

But there are
very other wrinkles warning that man
Those or other health problems are observed. Who warned — that
armed. For convenience «Reading» We divide face on the area.

On the face

Wrinkles on the face will tell about diseases

one. Slissed and sagging skin on the cheeks testifies to the problems with the bladder.

2. Slightly swelling chin — So the kidneys are working on wear.

3. Multiple wrinkles on the cheekbones indicate the reduced function of the stomach and pancreas.

4. Cross wrinkle on the chin can be a sign of stagnant phenomena at the level of the liver or small pelvis.

five. If the skin on the cheeks resembles a transparent film, then it is necessary to check the liver condition.

6. If the chin often does not make a cardiologist and make an electrocardiogram, since heart problems are possible.

Nasolabial folds

one. Punchness and change of the shape of the nose and the appearance of a purple shade speak of the disease of the lungs and a large intestine.

2. Deep symmetric wrinkles on both sides of the nose talking about the dysfunction of the gastrointestinal tract.

If the nasolabial fold continues to the chin, it means
Problems with digestion — Gastritis with increased acidity,
Starting stomach or duodenal ulcer, colitis.

4. Vertical shallow wrinkles over the upper lip talk about gynecological diseases.

Vertical wrinkles from the corners of the mouth down warn about the possible
gastritis with reduced secretory function and predisposition to
Diseases of the pancreas.

6.If the area is covered with grooves around the mouth and the mouth itself, it means there are spasms and in a thick intestine.

7. White Cint around the mouth draws attention to the headset.

Cracks in the corners of the mouth talk about the violation of the water and salt metabolism, and
maybe about hydronephritis — Liquid Disruption by the kidneys.

On the forehead and around the eyes

If there are many cruciform wrinkles over the bridge, not
The disease of the spine is excluded. And the transverse star says about
Problem in the cervical zone — Often it is osteochondrosis.

2. If horizontal wrinkles cut the forehead over the bridge — This is a common sign of inclination for migraine.

A deep vertical groove between eyebrows tells her
the owner that his body clearly lacks oxygen and movement on
fresh air.

4. Vertical fold between eyebrows on the right
Indicates a damaged liver and gallbladder. If the forever
shifted to the left — This is the first sign of problems with the spleen.

five. Vertical wrinkle in the middle of the forehead at the doorpiece talks about the problems of the stomach.

6. Wrinkles under the eyes in the shape of a crescent — «projection» Possible problems with bladder.

7. Swelling of the Upper Century says that not all is well with the kidneys.

eight. Bags under the eyes point to a fear with a heart.

To get rid of these defects, you must first treat the disease. But
If your wrinkles are still a pure cosmetic nature, say goodbye to
You can with the help of simple facial yoga exercises.

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