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I came to work yesterday, I look - the tables rearranged in our aquarium. Now, while I go to your workplace, I see colleagues monitors – All read news. What is our intellectual team, however. I also think – read that? I go to the site “KP” (RBC for beginner – it too). But sad fate of wonderful women, the schemes of stock exchange and statistics somehow did not go, the eye fell on the heading «Health».
Self-examination chestI read the article on how to properly carry out chest self-examination. It says that this procedure is made by women of the whole world for neoplasms in the breast and to prevent the development of cancer. The article was prepared by a doctor, it explains in detail how to conduct self-diagnosis. Having read, I decided to do everything the same.

The article mentioned a special «Retaining confidence», which increases the sensitivity of the fingers. This allows you to better prove the chest. I bought this rug in the pharmacy, came home. At first, of course, he considered his purchase: Pretty Pleasant to the touch – Bilateral, with gel inside, does not slide, but, on the contrary, keeps on the fingers, in size more palms, cute peach color. Then in the bathroom laid out the printout of the article, took a rug and went stages…

  • «Start self-examination, standing in full growth in front of a well-lit mirror. Slowly inspect the dairy glands, paying attention to all signs of asymmetry, enhancing the venous pattern, changing the color of the chest or the near-block mug».

I spent self-examination according to all the recommendations of the doctor, that is, standing in full growth in front of the mirror in a well-lit room. I found out that I have a strengthened venous drawing, there is no asymmetry, but the near-block mugs differ – One little more.

  • «Put your hands on the hips and push them to strain the muscles of the chest. Leaning forward, carefully inspect the chest».

Good possession. Because in it, the chest is very contacted, and you can clearly consider the shape and symmetry.

  • «Neatly squeeze the nipples between big and index fingers to see if there is a selection. Any selection should be discussed with a doctor».

There are no secretions. Thank God!

  • «Raise your right hand and make her head. Pressing your fingers, examine all the breasts in search of seals and irregularities. Pressure of different power allows you to feel changes at different depths. With a light pressure, tissue changes are tested directly under the skin, with deep - fabric closer to the chest and ribs. If you are not sure about the power of pressing, consult your doctor.»

This item was not so simple, as it was terrible to pressed, besides, I have a scorched nails, it made it difficult for the whole procedure, and to adversely with pads, as the doctor advises, it turned out to be problematic. I did not find any seals with bare hands. Perhaps in order to determine something, some kind of skill is needed, but I felt just the skin and body. But when she took advantage of the rug with the same force of pressure and with the same nails, then, indeed, it was forbidden the so-called «Breast structure». Such dense oblong bushes are evenly and symmetrically each breast went from the axillary depression to the nipple. At the bottom of the nobody, only the severity of the chest. From the nipple to the clavicle also accumulated, but more than the first. Wondered whether it was necessary to face nipples, but I read that there was no need to palpate, but not to pay attention to whether the nipple was not attracted whether the nipple did not change the texture of the skin around the nipple and did not change the rash.

  • «The final stage of the survey is carried out lying on a solid and flat surface in the same sequence as the palpation in the standing position. Place the pillow under the right shoulder, it contributes to the uniform distribution of breast tissue in your chest».

In position lying, the chest under the nipple is good – Feel the same uniform. When Palpation, I felt pain (as if you click on the bruise), frightened. I read that the structure of the breast can be inhomogeneous and in some places may be more sensitive. The main thing – remember these places to compare the degree of pain in the next inspection. On both sides the structure was the same. In my opinion, I spent quite thorough self-diagnostics, next time I will try to do the same with different depth of pressing.

I want to say that breast self-examination – Interesting activity. We do not imagine what they are, but when we have tactfully feel the structure of your body, it seems that you get closer to yourself and recognize yourself better.

And I also understand now, why doctors advise to conduct self-examination once a month.

First, it's of course, the fact that nothing is done in Russia at all for increasing the culture of self-examination and in the diagnosis of breast cancer Too many women die due to the fact that the disease is launched (In our country, only 55% of women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer survive). Secondly, this is what From the first time it is hard to remember the structure of one breast and even then compare with the second. I pretended to prove one plot first at one, then immediately at the second breast. Next time I will try to self-extract yourself in turn: right and left chest. It is only necessary to remember the date of the previous self-examination - 18.09. By the way, palpate the chest is best on 7-10 days after the start of the cycle, when the soreness and swelling of the chest glands passed.

Those who want to follow my example, I wish good luck and health!

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