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    Deliver the tests easy!Cervical cancer is in third place in the prevalence among all cancers in women. Every year in the world, according to the International Cancer Study Agency, 371,000 new cases of RSM are registered and 190,000 women are dying annually from RSM. In Russia every 17 minutes a woman dies from cervical cancer.

    Epidemiological studies, repeatedly carried out and domestic, and foreign scientists, convincingly showed that the indisputable risk factor for the occurrence of precancerous changes and cervical cancer is papillomavirus infection. «The main and most promising direction of combating this disease is its prevention, which consists in the timely identification of high-cooler viruses of human papillomas (HPV) with the means of modern molecular diagnosis», - He told in his report by the head of the laboratory of molecular methods of the Molecular Diagnostic Center (CMD), the head of the scientific group to develop new methods for the diagnosis of opportunist and papillomaviral infections of the Federal State Unitary Enterprise of the Central Federal District of Epidemiology Olga Yuryevna Shipulin.

    The virus is infected with 8 out of 10 women leading an active sex life, but within 6-18 months in 80% of them, the virus itself leaves the body, without causing diseases. And only a few percent of women with chronic (persistent) HPV infection fall into the risk group on RSM. At the same time, it is necessary to understand that several factors affect the development of oncology: the type of virus, its number, concomitant diseases of the uterus and vagina, the general state of immunity.

    As part of the fight against RSM, by early detection of women falling into a risk group, scientists recommend the introduction of compulsory screening on HPV. «It should be noted that such a tactic has long been successfully used in most civilized countries, where the incidence of RSM is significantly lower than in Russia», - Also stated Olga Shipulin.

    It is worth noting that we can hand over HPV analysis with the definition of the type of virus and its quantity can be independently, without the direction of the doctor. And only if the molecular diagnosis will show the presence of HPV high carcinogenic risk, it is necessary to make an extended study to clarify the type of virus and its number. If the defeat of the cervix will be detected at an early stage preceding cancer, the treatment will be effective and will not have side effects.

    From June 1, a new version of Testing on HPV and other infections transmitted by sexually transmitted in the Central Research Institute of Epidemiology of Rospotrebnadzor introduced. Previously, to take the material for the test, it was necessary to come to the clinic at the reception to the doctor, or wait in the laboratory until the nurse takes the smear for analysis. It is this time loss of time and the need to get into the gynecological chair once again forced many women to postpone the visit. «Now everything will be much easier: a woman without waiting and queues receives a special set with instructions in the center. Then he believes the smear and sends it to the laboratory. Test results can be found over the Internet, an additional visit to the laboratory is not needed. We hope that such a simplified algorithm will significantly increase the number of women who have passed HPV test and will prevent the development of oncological diseases. While the sets for self-takes are issued only in TDNIIE, but later they will spread through all pharmacies» - Also stated Olga Shipulin.

    However, today the percentage of Russian women, regularly passing testing for HPV very low, although the need to introduce compulsory screening to HPV in Russia, according to scientists, is completely obvious. But while the idea remains on paper, gynecologist doctors are recommended to conduct educational work, and at least once every 3 years send their patients to HPV testing.

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