Risk factors for the development of breast cancer


Risk factors for the development of breast cancerBreast cancer (RMW) ranks first in frequency. Only every fifth case is revealed on a prophylactic inspection. Launched stages are detected almost in half cases. About two thirds of women suffering from breast cancer do not know about risk factors.

The greatest risk of getting the RMH aged 55-65. Upon early month, earlier 13 years, the risk of RMW increases by 2-2.5 times. Promote the development of RMG late menopause (after 55 years), long-lasting climethe.

Mastopathy with atypical proliferation of the epithelium increases the risk of 3 times.

Oral contraceptives slightly increase the risk only with continuous use of more than 10 years.

With ovarian cancer Risk of rchs 2 times higher.

Eating 50 ml of alcohol daily increases the risk of RMW 1.7 times.

RMW in blood relatives on the maternal line — 2 times.

Genetic predisposition — BRCA1 B BRCA2 genes.

Potentially raise the risk of high-calorie diet, obesity, hypothyroidism, liver disease, hypertensive disease, diabetes.

Fortunately, there are factors that reduce the risk of RMG: early first childbirth (up to 18 years), breastfeeding in young age reduces the risk of RMW in menopause.

For a risk group, a specialist survey has been recommended, starting from 20 years, with a mammary ultrasound, the determination of the SA-125 level. The survey must be held at least 2 times a year.

Risk factors for the development of breast cancer

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