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  • Myth number 1
  • Myth number 2
  • Myth number 3
  • Myth number 4
  • Myth number 5
  • Myth number 6

  • Myth number 1. Moles are weak skin places

    Not weak places, but rather its defect. Norma pigment cells
    Melanocytes are between two layers of the skin - epidermis and dermis.
    When they move from the depth of the fabric to the skin surface and form
    clusters, a pigment spot arises - Nesus, or simply mole.

    On average, when a person occurs, a person can have up to 10 moles. WITH
    Their strength of them becomes more. As a rule, intensively they are
    appear from 17 to 27 years. Initially, neutres look like microscopic
    Spot 1-3 mm in diameter and gradually reach 1.5-5 cm. By the way, far
    not any mole is such. Freckles often take

    Myth number 2. The most dangerous - large convex moles

    To some extent, this is true: medium in size and
    Large moles require increased attention. However, reborn in
    Malignant can and very small (only 1.5 cm) moles - so
    called dysplastic nevi, predecessorRemove their sorrowsand melanoma. They can
    be both convex and flat.

    A non-specialist computing a dangerous birthplace is very difficult, but some
    General signs are. As a rule, the dysplastic Neva has uneven
    contours or uneven coloring (brown with enlightened
    Sections, with islets of dark or white color). In women dangerous
    Moles are most often localized on the legs, in men - on the back.

    Myth number 3. Melanoma - hereditary disease and sadness of fate

    With dangerous moles, we are already born. Perennial medical
    observations show: 2/3 cases of melanoma - not congenital, and
    Acquired origin.

    The rebirth process of the nevus stretches from five to ten years. And in this
    - The greatest cunning of melanoma. Man can live with mine
    slow motion on the body and not to know that his life is in danger.

    True, the factor of heredity is not worth discount. There is
    Such a concept is a syndrome of multiple dysplastic nonsense (this
    When literally the whole body of a person is covered by moles). From point of view
    Oncologists, such people should be extremely careful: a chance to earn
    meanoma is significantly higher than others.

    Myth number 4. The sun is guilty

    Not always. There are cases when Melanoma arose in people who never went out of northern latitudes and not sunbathe.

    Although, of course, excessive stay in the sun in the occurrence
    melanoma - the factor is important. After all, the tan is nothing more than
    Natural Skin Protection from the Sun. Under the influence of ultraviolet
    The genetic code of the components of the neust melanocytes is affected, violated
    The process of their dying. As a result «Keeping» Cells are reborn,
    that in the end can be tumor process.

    Myth number 5. To earn melanoma, you need to burn ahead several times

    Such the theory is not devoid of grounds. Especially if for the first time the skin burn
    man received in childhood. Research of recent years indicate
    that every sunny burn obtained in gentle age in
    several times increases the risk of melanoma in mature years.

    Most of the representatives of I and II phototypes are risky - Beloke,
    Red-haired and blue-eyed. Going to the south, they need to be especially
    Careful. Fortunately, the overwhelming majority of Russians belong to
    Third Phototipu with Good Adaptation Opportunities Skin. But im
    Farming on the sun is not worth it, especially if the sun is southern and active.
    Going on vacation to Canara or Maldives, people, not
    adapted to so intense sunny mode, risk.
    No wonder for the White Population of Australia, Africa, Central and South
    America Melanoma has become a real national disaster.

    Myth number 6. The main factors of the development of melanoma - trauma «

    Nehorish» moles

    Do not touch her and she is not «Ubusit». One of the most common and
    annoying misconceptions. The earlier you remove the potentially dangerous
    the birthplace, the less chance that the process of its rebirth will go too
    long away. Thanks to such tactics in America and Australia, where
    Recent decades have broken up a real skin cancer epidemic, percentage
    mortality from melanoma went to the decline.

    To random injuries of municipalities that are so afraid of overwhelming
    Most people, doctors relate rather as a good, rather than
    misfortune. They help to identify the future melanoma, pay attention to it -
    and neutralize.

    Although, of course, it is better to identify «enemy» More harmless means.
    It is only necessary to regularly study your body, carefully tracking everything
    Change. If among your moles there are those that cause
    Anxiety, do not pull, run to the doctor!

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