Brief Encyclopedia of Extreme Situations


  • Extreme situations in nature
  • Artificial extreme situations

  • Brief Encyclopedia of Extreme SituationsExtreme situations are different: in nature, in production, in human society. We decided to make a brief encyclopedia of extreme situations. It seems to us to inform people about what can happen. The more we know, for example, the extreme situations of a criminal nature, the greater the chances that we will come out of them alive, healthy and with an intact psyche.

    Extreme situations in nature

    Our encyclopedia of extreme situations gives a general idea that it may notice a person in vivo. Warned — So armed. We put this principle for the basis of the idea when they constituted a list of extreme situations.

    1. Damage caused by weather and relief conditions: frostbite and thermal impacts, branding, mining disease. Usually occur from ignorance of the characteristics of the place where the person is going, and from personal inadvertime.
    2. Injuries by negligence or from carrying irregular equipment: broken limbs, dislocations and bruises, poisoning by various poisons, both animals and vegetable.
    3. Emergency situations in nature may also be such, which will not be avoided by means of knowledge of safety and possessing the desired equipment. These include, for example, natural phenomena of type tsunami, earthquakes, hurricanes, volcanic eruptions. The only way to protect yourself from this — live in places with the lowest probability of such incidents.

    Artificial extreme situations

    Different situations in nature often arise in imprudent people. Extreme incidents

    • In production,
    • in transport,
    • in society

    Brief Encyclopedia of Extreme Situationsalways entirely fall into the scope of the responsibility of concrete people. Extreme crime situations — especially. However, as elsewhere, there is a safety technique, aimed at not becoming a victim of criminal action.

    By virtue of its conciseness, our encyclopedia does not allow detail on all types of artificial extreme situations, but we decided to consider the events of criminal nature at an unusual angle.

    Of course, an ordinary person who went to work in the morning or shopping in a large shopping center, not to raise straws in case of terrorist act.

    Special industry science — Victimology — studies human behavior that causes crime emergency situations. This is the provocative behavior of a potential victim, and negligence, and ordinary attempts to put in a person who violates public order, and even deliberates to a close member of the family. There are often cases when domestic violence occurs because the sacrifice was confident that related ties would not allow the future offender to start a fight or perform other violent actions.

    The main thing that you need to know every person, — violate the law and encroach on other people's life, health and property can anyone, even the most immensant individual. Therefore, the basic rules of behavior in society — Goodwill, avoiding conflicts and ensuring their own security with all possible ways. This means both attention to any other person, and knowledge of the foundations of psychology and victimology, and avoiding provocative behavior. Do not go late alone by deserted places, do not get involved in scandals, do not think that you know whoever — and all will be well.

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