Treatment of laryngotracy in children

When they talk about false cruel, imply a disease called Laringhotrachite - infectious defeat of the upper respiratory tract. This disease can be considered complicated by a child transferred. Also, the throat and trachea may suffer from supercooling when the Karapuz will pay or shout in the cold.

The highest incidence is observed among children from six months to 7 years, and the boys sick much more often girls.

The main causes of the disease

viruses, childhood diseases, breathing, laryngotrachite, treatment of laryngotracy

With a strong supercooling, the pathogens of laryinghotrace are:

  1. Paragrippa virus of the first type (more than half of cases).
  2. Influenza virus type A.
  3. Adenovirus.
  4. Rinovirus.
  5. Enterovirus.
  6. Virus Corey.

Symptoms: how to recognize laryngotrachite

viruses, childhood diseases, breathing, laryngotrachite, treatment of laryngotracy

Effective measures with uncomplicated laryngotrachite believe:

  1. Inhalation with a nebulizer (ultrasound inhaler). If there is no one at hand, it is quite possible to do with steam inhalation, not forgetting about the precaution - you can get a burn. Useful these procedures with Borjomi. Another simple, but an effective recipe: 1 h. L. soda pour 1 l hot water and make up with a solution for a while.
  2. If a child has a high temperature, steam inhalation to him is contraindicated. In this case, the baby first give the antipyretic, and only then make inhalation. Preferably, antipyretic preparations in the form of candles, as the syrup for receiving inside can cause vomiting.
  3. Do not do and without foot baths - let the child will hold the legs in warm water for 10-15 minutes (slightly above room temperature). The overall warm bath will also benefit.
  4. The room temperature should be about 20-22 degrees, and air humidity 40-65%. These are the most optimal conditions for the child's laryngotrachite.
  5. Most often, the laryngotrachite has a viral origin, so The use of antibiotics It is inappropriate, since antibacterial drugs act only on bacteria.
  6. The child must drink a lot - water, juices, compotes from dried fruits, hots. Excellent remedy - Warm milk in pressure with Borjomi. Follow the kid drinks - it needs to be done slowly, small sips.
  7. Feed the patient during an attack dangerous - because of the cough food can get into the lungs. When the cough retreated, the child needs to offer gentle writing, which you do not need to chew. Contraindicated irritating mucous membranes - sour and salty taste, cold or hot.
  8. To remove the attack of a strong cough, use the compressor inhaler to conduct inhalations with the addition of Berodala (5 - 6 drops of the drug on 5 ml of saline). The duration of the procedure is about 7 minutes 2 times a day for 2 - 3 days.
  9. To the treatment of laryngotracy in children at home, bronchological drugs can be connected. For example, it has proven himself a syrup Erispal. Course treatment - from week to 10 days. The drug stimulates the discharge of sputum of the respiratory tract.
  10. When a child in the process of attacks weakens or disappears, you need to ban it to talk at all or in case of severe need, speak in a whisper.

If you take action on time, you can make a significant facilitation of the child's condition on 4-5 days of treatment.

When the road every minute

viruses, childhood diseases, breathing, laryngotrachite, treatment of laryngotracy

Our site draws your attention to the factors that are customary with the signals to immediately call the machine «Ambulance» and the operational hospitalization of the child:

  • small «Yamk» On the neck, located behind the sternum markedly placing with difficulty inhalation;
  • The child with an increasing force pulls the air, the noise of the inhalation becomes a whistle. The kid is very pale and can not cry because of the air deficit.

Pending «Emergency» The child must calm down - nervousness and fear only complicate his condition.

Laringhotrachite and traditional medicine

These recipes are absolutely harmless to children:

  • Yolk two eggs need to be pulled with sugar and add some cream oil to this mixture. "Medicine" is whipped to obtain a homogeneous mass of white. Take on a teaspoon during the day;
  • In half liters of milk, 100 g of grated carrots are put and adjusted to boil. Milk is filtering and give a child to drink 2 hours. L. in the morning, day and evening;
  • 3 teaspoon onion husk poured 1.5 liters of water, boiled 5 minutes and insist about 3 hours. This solution must rinse the throat in the morning and evening;
  • Equal parts of elderberries, hunting, hybiscus of medicinal and mother-and-stepmother brewing in kettle. Healing drink drink slowly small sips. So that the throat warms up, the warm liquid in the mouth is delayed.

Prevention of the disease

viruses, childhood diseases, breathing, laryngotrachite, treatment of laryngotracy

The reaction of parents to all colds baby should be immediate. Laryngotrachite is not an independent disease, but only an unpleasant continuation of not cured on time Colds.

Of great importance are the procedures for strengthening the overall health of the child: sports, Hardening, Annual holiday by the sea or in the forest.

Proper nutrition of useful food and vitamins - Here is another pledge of strong children's immunity.

Already existing laryngotrachite requires the most competent and responsible treatment - if not fully cured it, the disease is transformed into chronic laryngitis.

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