Owliness of the abdomen (meteorism)

The bloating (meteorism) is a rather frequent symptom in our days. The prevalence of it is associated with many reasons. Because of the accumulated gases, the intestine shifts the stomach, provokes the casting from the stomach in the esophagus, frequent belching and an acidic taste in the mouth. However, the most unpleasant is that bloating always affects social life.

The bloating (meteorism) is a rather frequent symptom in our days. Its prevalence is associated with many reasons, in particular, with a bad environment, improper nutrition, stress. The meteorism is often accompanied by drowning in the abdomen, pains, diarrhea. But maybe the only symptom.

Even in such quality, the meteorism causes discomfort and a sense of cutting in the abdomen. Because of the accumulated gases, the intestine shifts the stomach, provokes the casting from the stomach in the esophagus, frequent belching and an acidic taste in the mouth. Increase in the intestine in volume can lead to a diaphragm raising, which is manifested by breath, heartbeat and pain in the heart area. It matters that Pressure increases inside the digestive tract. Some intestinal deposits are spashed, others are redistributed, which can manifest themselves in the form of colic. Significant concern bring a rumbling in the abdomen and extinguishing gases that often accompany meteorism.

However, the most unpleasant is that bloating always affects social life. The meteorism spoils the appearance of the figure, and that hide, often forces to sit down at home so as not to blush in front of people for the published sounds and smells.

The main causes of meteorism

Treatment of meteorism
The main cause of the scrawl is a violation of control over the processes of food digestion, the formation of gases and their removal, occurring with the help of suction in the intestine or elimination.

The most common cause of the abdomen is to enter the air in a hurry chewing food or conversation while eating. Scientists assume that up to seventy percent of gases enters the body when swallowing. The situation may be exacerbated by the use carbonated drinks. Gases from drinking liquid are concentrated in the digestive tract departments, causing his bloody.

Distinguish: increasing gas formation in the intestine in the absence of pathology and actually pathological conditions.

Physiological meteorism is most often developing when used in food products, whose splitting occurs by microflora enzymes with the formation of a large amount of gases. This type includes an increased formation of gases after the use of products causing fermentation processes in the intestine. Examples of such meteorism:

  • Eating products causing excess gas formation (for example, peas, beans). Often excessive gas formation cause fresh vegetables and fruits. However, these cases are not illness and are easily eliminated by changing the diet or addiction to the body to these products;
  • Change diet. The transition to the nutrition of other food can cause a temporary blown of the abdomen, while the intestine will not reborn to digesting atypical food;
  • binge eating. When moving food is long in the intestine, not digested, rotting and fermentation occurs, and, as a result, a large number of gases are produced.

Not illness also high-rise meteorism. It appears in people who rose to a large height. This is due to the vacuum of atmospheric pressure and leveling gas pressure in the intestine in accordance with the surrounding atmosphere. The body is quickly coping with such a phenomenon. Sometimes excess gas formation appears during pregnancy or before menstruation. It will also last long.

However, meteorism is a frequent sign of pathology. Scientists allocate several reasons for its manifestation:

  1. Reducing the development of liver enzymes, pancreas, as well as the small intestine and stomach. Examples of such meteorism:
  • With a decrease in bile liver, which normally suppresses the growth of pathogenic microflora in the intestine, there is an increase in the number of harmful bacteria in the intestinal lumen. They allocate an excess amount of gases;
  • With a low pH in a duodenum, a decrease in the activity of digestive enzymes can occur, which causes the growth of intestinal microflora and gas formation.
  • Violation of the microflora of the digestive tract and a violation of the enzymatic activity of the intestinal mucosa. This mechanism includes the population of the intestine pathogenic microflora. This most often happens in the following cases:
    • After antibiotic courses. Preparations are killed in the body not only pathogenic microorganisms, but also useful;
    • The similar effect is given glucocorticoids and chemotherapy used orally (through the mouth);
    • With insufficient production of gastric juice, Himus (food) does not pass sufficient preparation for the assimilation of its intestine.

    It should be noted that separately these mechanisms are rarely found, more often they are manifested in various combinations.

  • The mechanical type of meteorism occurs when disorders of the intestinal of food and gases due to the presence of a mechanical obstacle. Examples of such diseases:
    • Spikes and stenosis of the abdominal organs;
    • Outdoor tumors.
  • Dynamic meteorism occurs when the speed of movement in the digestive tract of food and gas (intestinal atony). It is mainly after transferring severe diseases, as well as in violation of neurohumoral regulation, for example:
    • Paramey is possible with peritonitis, as well as when recovering after the operation;
    • with intoxication by some substances, such as lead.
  • The psychogenic type of meteorism is manifested by a disorder of nervous and humoral regulation, which lead to the spasm of the smooth intestinal musculature, disrupting the advancement of food and gases.
  • Food affecting meteorism

    Treatment of meteorism
    Meteorism products can be divided into three main groups:

    1. Gas formation products.

    From products causing gases in the intestines, the most famous bean. Quite often, broccoli is adding to restaurant dishes - very Useful product, But, unfortunately, it is able to cause pronounced gas formation, especially when he is in the raw form. Apples recommend all nutritionists, but this fruit causes an increase in gases in the intestine, which can lead to belching and bloating. Also suspected of high gas formation sauer vegetables, Bulgarian pepper, chili pepper.

    If, when used in food of any products you have a bloating, this means that the body is not used to producing enzymes to digest them. With systematic use of the above-mentioned products, the digestive organs begin to produce a sufficient amount of the necessary enzymes, and after a while the symptoms of the meteorism pass.

    The best thing is to watch it after meals and determine which product most clearly leads to the formation of gases.

    Supporters Separate nutrition argue that there are no products that make meteorism themselves. Only their incorrect combination can cause a bloating. For example, specialists in separate nutrition do not recommend drinking meat food together with fruits and juices. This is due to the fact that for the full digestion and absorption of nutrients from meat and fruits, various enzymes are required, conflicting among themselves.

  • Products that cause fermentation processes.
  • These products include kvass, beer, black bread, tea mushroom.

    Interesting theory offer supporters of bearing food. They argue that yeast bread damages the intestinal mucosa, disrupts the digestion, which in the end leads to his bloating. They offer to watch women who are mainly feeding on buns at lunchtime. Most of them have normal legs and hands, but a big bloated belly. To get rid of this symptom, you need to stop eating yeast bread and go to serum bread (or any other without yeast).

  • Dairy products in people with lactose intolerance cause gas formation.
  • What to do when the abdomen occurs

    Treatment of meteorism
    If you suffer bloating short time, try to normalize the diet. Usually, the exception to food from all of several products leads to normalization of the intestinal work. Experimed by define what products you cause gas formation.

    With meteorism, it is necessary to eat right, eliminate sharp, salted, sweet, carbonated drinks. I also recommend readers our site for a while to refuse bread, because it often causes accumulation of gases in the intestine. Often dairy products lead to strengthening gases.

    Spend purgation, After all, often the disposal of constipation leads to normalization of gases.

    What examination is desirable to go

    If after normalization, the diet symptoms of meteorism do not pass, it is necessary to undergo a medical examination, the purpose of which is to eliminate diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

    Typically, the examination includes laboratory tests (general blood test, total urine analysis, feces analysis), bacteriological study of intestine microflora (washing on enterobiosis) and instrumental diagnostics (abdominal ultrasound, endoscopic studies of the colon, etc.).

    When surveyed, special attention should be paid to such organs such as the stomach, liver, pancreas, intestines, as problems in the digestive system may cause increased gas formation.

    Treatment of meteorism

    Treatment of meteorism
    Treatment when the abdomen is swollen based on a systemic approach to the disease and may include:

    1. Diet taking into account the peculiarities of digestion disorders.
    2. Treatment of the main disease and correction of violations identified during examination.
    3. Normalization of the bacterial composition of the intestine.
    4. Treatment of digestive tract motility disorders.
    5. Prevent the appearance and removal of excess gas from the intestine.

    After the diagnosis of the doctor will appoint you the necessary diet and the treatment of the main identified disease.

    For the correction of intestinal microflora, you can assign preparations of pre- and probiotics. Prebiotics (an example is Lactro filter) - this is an unsecured food ingredients in the digestive tract, which stimulate the growth of their own beneficial bacteria in the intestine. Probiotics (for example, Linex) are ready-made useful bacteria that have a positive effect on the state of the digestive tract.

    There are several classes of drugs that affect the formation and removal of gases from the intestine:

    1. PEOPLAYERS-FIGHTERS (ESPUMISAN). Preparations make it difficult for education and contribute to the destruction of gas bubbles inside the intestine. Gases that are released at the same time can be absorbed by the mucous membrane, as well as derived due to the reduction of the muscles of the gastrointestinal tract.
    2. Enterosorbents (Coal activated, Smacks). Thanks to the sorbing properties, removed from the body of gases, toxins and microbes.
    3. Preparations affecting the intestinal motorcycle (Cerukal, Motilium). Due to the enhancement of peristalities, gases from the gastrointestinal tract accelerates.
    4. Vegetable preparations (PLATEX) and means of traditional medicine: ducks of dill or fennel.

    Often these drugs really give the result, but it should be remembered that their reception in the separation from a complete complex treatment is symptomatic, that is, taking these medicines, it is impossible to cure from the main cause of the disease. After graduating from taking drugs, the swelling symptoms are usually returned. For high-quality full-fledged treatment, it is necessary to find the cause of the disease and adjust all the identified violations in the body.

    Frequent bloating can be an important symptom of a serious illness, so we will assume that. Be sure to follow the examination and fulfill all the recommendations of the doctor, because the intestinal health is an important indicator of the health of the entire body.

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