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  • What is plastic surgery?
  • Plastic Surgery - the right choice?

  • What is plastic surgery?

    Although aesthetic surgery often
    referred to as "plastic", this does not mean that the individual patients after surgery
    loses all natural. Name plastic surgery does not come from
    synthetic material (plastic), and from the Greek word plastikos, Which means "to form
    or shape "(perhaps it is from this word, and there was a name

    Plastic surgery - a surgical specialty related to the correction and
    reconstruction of the structure of the face and body changes as theplastic surgery congenital and
    acquired (including age-related changes), and tissue defects,
    associated with exposure to disease, injury, or congenital disorders. Plastic surgeons can improve the appearance and
    an imaginary image of the patient with the help of reconstructive or cosmetic
    (Aesthetic) surgery.

    plastic surgery
    aimed at restoring the damaged parts of the body, in
    including the correction of congenital physical defects, such as cleft lip
    or pinna strain injuries from animal bites or burns, or
    the effects of the treatment of certain diseases, such as breast restoration
    cancer after masteektomii.

    Cosmetic (aesthetic) plastic surgery It aims to restore or
    changes in healthy body structures, improvement of the appearance. Age-related changes
    (Aging) is also successfully conducting controlled aesthetic

    The most popular and common cosmetic surgeries
    - Breast enlargement (augmentation (stackable) Implants) or
    breast reduction (reduction mammoplasty), nose reshaping (rhinoplasty)
    or removing fat deposits from specific areas of the body (liposuction). Some
    cosmetic surgery operations are not in the full sense of the word - they
    does not mean cutting and stapling tissue. For example, use
    special lasers to remove unwanted hair or skin with microdermabrasion
    to eliminate scars.

    Some people turn to
    Services of plastic surgeon to correct a physical defect or change shape
    certain parts of the body to which they are dissatisfied. For example, men with
    gynecomastia (an increase in breast excessive) that does not disappear with
    time and can not be cured, are forced to use the reduction surgery.
    Moles can be reduced or completely withdraw by laser therapy.

    Others decide to change
    appearance, because they do not like the look of its own. Sometimes clients
    plastic surgeons are teenagers - eg to "sew" sticking
    ears (otoplasty), or to improve the condition of the skin, tormented teenage acne
    (Dermabrasion). In these cases, plastic surgery not only solves
    cosmetic and psychological problems.

    Plastic Surgery - the right choice?

    Reconstructive surgery helps
    restore damaged areas of the body and to eliminate visible defects. but
    how justified cosmetic surgery aimed only at improving the
    appearance? As far as aesthetic surgery for teenagers? Of course,
    There are justified and unjustified reasons as in any other situation for
    cosmetic surgery.

    Cosmetic surgery is unlikely
    radically change your life. Most of the many qualified surgeons
    devote time counseling teens who applied in the clinic with
    desire to have cosmetic surgery to determine how justified
    their desire and how realistic their expectations. First, the surgeon ascertains
    Whether a teenager pondered his decision, not whether it is spontaneous, and whether he is ready
    accept the results of the operation.

    Many plastic surgery
    It does involve surgical intervention with all the attendant
    and the ensuing "charms": anesthesia, followed by painful
    rehabilitation and wound healing, and other hazards. plastic surgeons
    need to know if a potential patient is ready for the stress associated with surgery,
    and whether he will be able to transfer it.

    Therefore, before deciding on
    plastic surgery, think carefully about the following:

    • Almost all teens (and many
      adults) are very sensitive to your body and appearance. Each of us
      (Even the most beautiful models) are dissatisfied with something in their appearance, and would like to
      to change something. Fortunately, such a hypersensitive attitude toward their appearance
      passes with age. Ask yourself if you need plastic surgery, or you
      You want to meet the standards imposed and just like others.
    • During puberty
      the body continues to grow and develop. Parts of the body, which seemed too small
      or too large, over time, will become harmonious proportions. For example,
      sometimes the nose, in childhood and adolescence, which seemed huge and long,
      It looks entirely in place, when a person grows and the rest of the facial features "catching up".
    • Creating a beautiful figure and her
      conservation should occur in the gym, and not on the plastic table
      surgeon. Diet and fitness is much more useful
      to health than the needle scalpel. Never choose plastic surgery
      to eliminate excess weight, if there are other, non-surgical,
      Methods to achieve the desired result. Maybe,
      gastric bypass or liposuction
      It seems to be a fast and efficient solution compared with a strict diet. but
      Both these operations are associated with a greater risk than any diet, so to them
      should be resorted to only in extreme cases when all other options
      proved ineffective.
    • Perception of own
      appearance too many impressionable people is determined by emotions. People,
      prone to depression, overly critical-minded or have a distorted
      understanding of their appearance, sometimes people think that plastic surgery
      can solve all their problems. This is a serious and dangerous delusion. Their
      psychological problems properties, so these people need help
      therapist, not a plastic surgeon. Indeed, many surgeons
      refuse to operate on teenagers suffering from depression or other psychological
      disorders, yet their emotional problems are not solved.

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