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  • How to protect the child from influenzaOn the Internet, you can find a lot of recommendations on improving and strengthening the child's immunity, but many tips will be late if the child begins to hurt. In this case, it is better to immediately give a children's integrated tool that fights viruses and supports immunity. Start treatment better from the first hours of the disease — From the first complaints of the sore throat, from the first signs of lethargy or drowsiness. With this approach, there is a chance that the child does not get sick or transfer the cold in a light form, without symptoms and complications. But here we have no coincidence used the word «probability» — 100% effect to promise would be wrong: much depends on the child's body.


    It will be about Anaferon Children — Antiviral preparation with immunomodulatory action. The drug acts immediately in two directions: blocks the reproduction of viruses and maintains the work of immunity. The medicine accelerates the production of protective proteins and cells (interferons and macrophages), which destroy viral cells and toxins.

    For several years of existence, the drug managed to earn trust and specialists, and consumers. The medicine is made specifically for children and it can be given even to such small patients as children of monthly age.

    In what cases anaferon children's need

    In any situations when the likelihood that the child will get sick, high. First of all, here are the first signs of colds — The child is already ill, and the development of the disease must be stopped. In this case, it is better to immediately give a medicinal dose, and the sooner, the better the forecast.

    We do not accidentally talk with such an accuracy of the time of the disease — Influenza develops very quickly, literally in front of her eyes. The sick person sometimes with an accuracy of an hour can call the appearance of symptoms. After missing this moment, you give infections a chance to cause a greater «Disaster scale», than on the background of receiving an antiviral agent that allows you to pass in a light form. Therefore, it is so useful to have the necessary medicines in the first aid kit: this will allow one hour x not to waste time on the pharmacies (especially if the child gets into the night).

    The probability of infected is quite high, if in a group or class, which is visited by your child, the children began to hurt ORVI and flu. In February, probably, you need to try to find a children's team in which no one is sick. And at this time, it will not be superfluous to protect the child using the preventive dose of Anaferon Children — enough 1 tablet per day. The duration of prevention on average is 2–3 weeks. During this time, peers manage to pass, and the risk of infection decreases.

    What to do if the child does not get out of the cold

    In this case, it is necessary to consult a doctor and seek the reason for frequent morbidity. Only learning the cause, the doctor will understand how to strengthen health. As a preventive measure, you can recommend Anaferon Children. He will force the cold; If necessary, receiving the drug can be extended to 3 months. However, the doctor will still have to turn — It is important not to just hold out the season without a cold, but also to figure out that it is not so if the child is susceptible to too frequent colds.

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