Epidemic Parotitis: Treatment


  • How to treat Swink?
  • Forecast epidemic parotitis

  • How to treat pigs?

    (epidemic vapotitis) in children most often flows in medium-wing
    form. Temperature of the body rises to 38-39.9°C, fever and octvinations
    continue within 5-7 days, accompanied by head, muscular and articular
    pain, increasing and sickness of salivary glands. Despite the bright clinical
    The picture of the disease forecast is usually favorable, with competent treatment of epidemic parotitis complications rarely occur, and in most cases they can be avoided.

    How to treat Swink?

    Pine treatment
    (epidemic vapotitis) flowing in light and moderate form,
    Purchase at home. Only children with severe travel need in hospitalization
    infections, damage to the nervous system and the development of such complications as orchitis and
    Pancreatitis. The child will have to be sent to the hospital if it is impossible to provide
    Its insulation and treatment at home.

    Still no specific medication,
    acting on the epidemic virus
    Parotitis. Treatment is aimed at mitigating symptoms of the disease and
    Warning of its complications.

    1. Since the appearance of the first symptoms of the disease
      the patient is needed bed regime and isolation from non-poring children and
      adult for a period of 9 days. Statistics say that the boys who observed
      bedding, orchitis develops 3 times less frequently than those who neglected
      This recommendation.
    2. To reduce the symptoms of intoxication and quick
      Removal of the virus from the body shows abundant drink.
    3. Special attention should be paid to the cavity toilet
      Mouth. It is necessary to thoroughly clean my teeth and language, regularly after eating rinse
      Roth with boiled water or 2% drinking soda solution.
    4. In the first days of sickness of the patient's food should be
      Liquid or semi-liquid. It is recommended a dairy and vegetable diet that excludes
      Fat, fried, sharp and sweet dishes that limit the use of flour
      Products. Overbinding should be avoided.
    5. When the temperature is raised above 38° WITH
      Paracetamol-based antipyretic preparations.
    6. The area of ​​the near-dry salivary glands is used
      Dry heat: warming compresses, local physiotherapy procedures,
      Lamp with Soluxux lamp, UHF, diathermy.
    7. When developing pancreatitis, a strict diet is prescribed
      and disintellation therapy through intravenous injections
    8. At
      Meningitis and Meningoencephalitis complicating epidemic vapotitis, treatment implies
      Spinal puncture to reduce intracranial pressure, dehydration
      therapy and appointment of corticosteroid hormonal drugs capable
      Quickly stop inflammatory processes.
    9. At
      Orchitis shows a strict bed mode, wearing a suspension supporting
      Eggs. To reduce edema to the scrotum area during the first 2-3 days
      Apply cold compresses, further use thermal procedures. Inside
      prescribe anti-inflammatory, hormonal and antihistamines,
      Reducing the likelihood of damage to the spermatogenic epithelium and subsequent
      Development of infertility.

    Forecast epidemic parotitis

    Forecast epidemic parotitis

    In most cases, the pig in children is favorable.
    In the event of a severe course and development of meningitis or meningoencephalitis often
    Asthenic syndrome develops with a decrease in mood,
    increased fatigue, irritability, excitability, headaches,
    That is why pediatricians are required to monitor the children who have undergone heavy
    Complications of pigs orchitis and epididiment is fraught with subsequent atrophy
    Eggs and violation of sexual and childbearing function. Damage to the pancreas
    can be a push for the development of diabetes. Sometimes in children who have undergone
    complicated pork shape, deafness develops.

    Immediately after recovery, the patient suffered heavy
    Parotitis, recommended home mode, its duration depends on
    The state of the child. Upon returning to classes, it is considered appropriate
    Load restriction, exemption from physical education for half a year. Children,
    suffered steaming, exempt from preventive vaccinations for a year.

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