Restoration after appendicitis in children


Restoration after appendicitis in childrenRehabilitation after appendicitis, the postoperative period in children — This is a burning and exciting topic for parents whose children suffered appendectomy. Attentive and caring mom will try to listen to all the advice of the attending physician, fulfill all his recommendations, to understand the goals and meaning of diet after appendicitis in children.

Acute inflammation of appendix begins with inflammation of his mucous membrane. The intestine of a child, like an adult, is populated with a variety of microorganisms, which under certain conditions show their pathogenic properties and become the pathogens of the inflammatory process in a worm-like process.

The clinical picture of appendicitis is manifested by the abdominal at the bottom of the abdomen, vomiting, lack of appetite and diarches. From local symptoms worth noting the pain during palpation — Filatov's symptom, passive muscle tension, increased pain after deep palpation, followed by a sharp exclusion of hands from the abdominal wall or a positive symptom of Brush-Blumberg.

Diagnosis and treatment of appendicitis in children

Child complaints on pain at the bottom of the abdomen and around the navel should not be disregarding loving mom. It is necessary to look at and watch, in which position the child is experiencing relief, whether he moves or lies, curling away with the grassland, whether the belly does not swell, there is no gases and chair, as the baby looks like, how scared is his condition. It should be understood that self-medication in this case is inappropriate and dangerous, painkillers, cleansing the enema and the warm heater will be very bad assistants, you need urgent help of a children's surgeon specialist. Before the doctor's arrival, you should put a child in bed, providing him with a cold on the stomach, using a healthy home refrigerator.

Diagnosis of the disease is carried out on the basis of general analysis of blood and urine, ultrasound, as well as diagnostic laparoscopy. Differential diagnosis is carried out with dysfunction of the gastrointestinal tract, gastroenterocolitis and various intestinal infections.

Care of appendicitis in children Modern Children's Surgery gives serious attention. Today, in children's surgical departments, along with a standard incision in the right iliac region, high-tech short laparoscopic operations for the removal of appendicitis are performed through small punctures up to 5-7 mm. The advantage of this technique is that the doctor during intervention with the help of special equipment sees all the abdominal cavity and is able to exclude other pathology, as well as provide aesthetic and cosmetic effect on the child's body.

Features of food after surgical treatment of appendicitis

Features of food after surgical treatment of appendicitisIt is necessary to understand that during the operation to remove appendix, the integrity of the intestinal wall is disturbed, therefore, the use of ordinary food immediately after intervention, it is impossible and fraught with serious complications. There is a possibility of discrepancies of the seams due to the solid «Train safety» Food and subsequent ingress of intestinal content in the abdominal cavity with the development of peritonitis. Therefore, the issue of organizing diet is not idle trouble, it is a vital problem, especially in the postoperative recovery of children.

First day after surgery — this is the period of intestinal restoration after transferred stress, and therefore the only recommendation is peace and no food, it is possible only to wetting the lips with water. The second and third day suggest the gradual introduction of chicken non-fat broth, rice brave, sweet tea and fruit jelly. The diet in the future days is based on frequent and fractional nutrition to 5-6 times a day, and the consistency of food must be in the form of jelly or mashed potatoes in warm form. To normalize the chair over time, you can add products containing fiber: porridge on water, vegetable soups-mashed potatoes, low-fat fish varieties, low fatty acidic products, slightly cream oil.

The meaning of the diet is to create favorable conditions for the healing of the intestine and normal peristaltics. Recovery lasts quite a long time and slowly, but fulfilling the recommendation of the doctor, avoiding physical exertion, you can soon achieve full recovery.

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